Travel and Transport Case Study

Travel and Transport

Anexinet Boosts App Adoption by Modernizing T and T's UI/UX.

Anexinet Partners with Travel and Transport to Increase Mobile App Adoption

The Company

Founded in 1946, Travel and Transport is a leading global travel management company who manages the travel requirements of some of the largest Fortune 500 companies throughout the world. To simplify complex travel itineraries, Travel and Transport provides corporate customers with a mobile application to book trips and access airfare, hotels, rental cars, and train schedules. A user’s entire travel itinerary is displayed in the app and stored locally on their device, providing Travel and Transport customers real-time access to the information they need.

Anexinet Partners with Travel and Transport to Increase Mobile App Adoption

The Opportunity

The company’s first mobile travel application was created by Travel and Transport’s internal developers over a decade ago and supported the Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows operating systems. Over the years, BlackBerry and mobile Windows use declined among corporate travelers. According to user analytics, approximately 85% of travel customers used iPhones; the other 15% used Android devices. With this knowledge, Travel and Transport made a decision to focus on the iOS and Android operating systems.

Travel and Transport engaged Anexinet to implement a newly designed user interface and user experience (UI/UX) that Travel and Transport had constructed. Anexinet's role in this partnership was to implement efficient code in order to support the modernized UI/UX.

In addition, Travel and Transport understood the need to write and maintain a single code base for both iOS and Android-based devices. Again, Anexinet provided Travel and Transport with best practices around mobile architecture and UI/UX design to enable the migration from their native platforms to Xamarin’s MADP.

“Anexinet's expertise both in UI/UX and platform experience made the most sense for us.”
— Mike Kubasik, Executive VP and CIO, Travel and Transport.

The Solution

Anexinet worked with Travel and Transport as an integrated team to create a roadmap and approach to migrate onto Xamarin. Using Agile project management methodology, the combined IT teams:

  • Identified the most beneficial functionality to migrate as part of the refresh.
  • Ensured the proper web services and APIs were well-documented.
  • Reviewed internal APIs to ensure proper integration architecture, plus the availability and compatibility of web services (with Xamarin).
  • Created interactive flow and navigation diagrams, wireframes and screen design mockups to ensure the optimum user experience was realized.
  • Ensured all controls (e.g. floating navigation button display) would integrate properly.

The net result of the collaboration was a new, and dramatically improved, Dash Mobile app for iOS and Android.

“Although we were already in production, our development time was cut down once our developer had the Anexinet code base. Anexinet also fell seamlessly into our dev cadence through an Agile process. We now have a single code base to enhance Dash Mobile at a much quicker pace.”

- Alex Carias, Sr. Product Manager, Travel and Transport

Anexinet Partners with Travel and Transport to Increase Mobile App Adoption
Anexinet Partners with Travel and Transport to Increase Mobile App Adoption
Anexinet Partners with Travel and Transport to Increase Mobile App Adoption

The Benefits

Anexinet approached the mobile app development project in a very focused, practiced, and intentional manner—pulling cross-functional teams together to facilitate a fast-moving, highly effective process. Throughout the project, Anexinet demonstrated a strategic method that began with a proof-of-concept, development, and execution in an updated Dash Mobile application.

Travel and Transport wanted to get the updated Dash Mobile app into users’ hands as quickly as possible and partnering with a company that has the same cultural appreciation for the client, simplified the process. We always prefer true development partners over project overseers. Anexinet definitely met this critical need with their mobile app development expertise.”
— Mike Kubasik, CIO, Travel and Transport