Uncover Unbiased Consumer Insights to Inform Your Brand Strategy

Anexinet’s Social Listening as a Service provides actionable insights to inform marketing campaigns, validate market research, and discover new trends.
Anexinet’s Social Listening offering helps global brands uncover what consumers and employees really think about their brand. Beyond just listening for @ tags of your brand (social monitoring), Social Listening taps into conversations that occur about your own products, your competitor’s products, and the larger market you’re operating in across all social media platforms.

By tracking the larger social universe of your industry, you can understand who is talking about your brand (customers, employees, manufacturers, sellers, celebrities, etc.), and their unfiltered opinions. Our expert research analysts have decades of experience listening to, tracking, and assessing mentions occurring across social media platforms, like Reddit, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram (among many others).

Social Listening’s Unique Advantages:

  • Taps into conversations that are organic, unguided, and peer-to-peer
  • Reveals hidden consumer data and insights
  • Eliminates response-bias concerns
  • Provides real-time, instant updates on unfolding issues
  • Can be customized to meet your market and business needs

Our Approach

Market Research

By examining the social media landscape for the market that your brand operates in, Anexinet provides you with information that keeps you ahead of rapidly changing market trends.

Brand and Consumer Insights

Consumer mentions expressing opinions on brands, products, and services are occurring every day on social media and these organic mentions are occurring at far larger volumes than mentions that interact with a company’s owned social accounts.

Risk Management

Anexinet Analysts monitor mentions of your brand up to 24/7 hours a day so that you can get ahead of any posts detrimental to your brand before they spread across the social universe.

Employee Sentiment

In today’s hyper-documented, digital world, it’s not uncommon for consumers to be recording and sharing their interactions with your company’s employees. Employee sentiment monitoring helps you understand sentiment towards employee interactions.

How Do We Do It?

Anexinet practices a consultative approach, working with your key stakeholders to envision and design the perfect study to fit your business needs. We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner to your research, marketing, and strategy teams by working closely to educate, support, and deliver high quality insights that inform business strategy.

Experienced Analysts

Our team of expert Social Media and Research Analysts have over three decades of combined experience monitoring, tracking, and assessing social media and other unstructured data across various verticals.

Sociolinguistic Focus

We bring technology paired with a human touch by writing complex and in-depth queries to get an umbrella of data that we hand-review to refine insights and take out the noise.

Robust Data Collection

We use modern, best-of-breed data aggregator platforms to ensure that we are using the most powerful platforms available to provide you with the most amount of data.


We can tap into any conversations occurring online and customize our deliverables to meet any clients’ needs.

You’ll Receive

Anexinet provides you with the above valuable insights via:

Managed Dashboards


Market-Research Reports

Ready to discover new consumer insights to drive your strategy, better understand your audience, and identify growth opportunities?

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