Anexinet + Veristor

Sloane Case Study

The Company

Founded in 1970 by Robert Sloane, Sloane Automotive Group is a family-owned and operated dealer group, serving the automotive sales and service needs of the greater Philadelphia area. Their commitment to customers and employees has enabled the company to expand to seven franchises supported by 600 employees across six greater Philadelphia locations.


The Challenge

As a progressive company, Sloane wanted to modernize its IT infrastructure to take advantage of today’s cloud-based networks and security technology. Specifically, they sought a systems refresh to standardize network services and applications, and give employees a common digital experience while also protecting data from malware attacks and security breaches.


However, with only one full-time IT person on staff, digitally transforming the patchwork of aging devices while accommodating the manufacturers’ disparate requirements would prove a daunting task.


We needed to modernize the email experience and stop using different collaborative suites of tools and spreadsheets. This was a major pain point. We needed a better, more efficient means of collaboration. Having access to information all in one ecosystem is very important to us for the ease of our employees doing their jobs.

— David Sloane, Sloane Automotive Group President & CEO

The Solution

Sloane acknowledged that the auto-dealership industry is traditionally a late adopter of technology. But as the customer buying journey evolved, and sales and service teams began leveraging mobile devices, Sloane knew it was time for a change. “Having the IT infrastructure to automatically adapt and adopt new technologies as they roll out is very important to us,” Sloane emphasized.

Sloane turned to Anexinet to accomplish an IT Modernization refresh. Anexinet’s proven experience helping companies simplify network processes, eliminate potential security gaps, and lowering CAPEX and OPEX costs made their choice an easy one.

Anexinet retired the dealership’s Citrix environment and migrated the company to a Microsoft Azure cloud and Office 365 environment for all locations. Moving from an on-premises network to a cloud-enabled environment allowed Sloane to quickly standardize all desktops while automating data-backup and recovery. The company also created a sophisticated network segmentation to keep corporate information apart from dealer interactions.


Standardizing on Microsoft also addressed security issues and protected desktop profiles through strong firewalls and antivirus protection. Further, Anexinet established security rules in the new SharePoint environment to prevent employees from auditing and downloading proprietary data previously stored on Google drives.

The Benefits

Anexinet provided Sloane Automotive with an IT infrastructure that mirrored the modern technology utilized by Fortune 500 companies. The Microsoft Office 365 suite enabled the dealership to grow their business and stay ahead of competitors with a standardized IT foundation for great customer and employee experiences—without being overburdened by network security issues.


The Azure cloud environment will keep costs low by eliminating Citrix software-relicensing while also moving all digital document storage off-site. Embracing the cloud enabled Sloane to reduce the number of on-premises servers or repurpose them for other needs.


For such a challenging project, the digital transition experience was collaborative and very smooth. Anexinet educated us every step of the way and allowed us to work and roll things out at a pace we were comfortable with. They were extremely professional and we’re very happy to establish a long-term relationship—because technology is always changing.”

— David Sloane, Sloane Automotive Group President & CEO