Salesforce Digital 360

Over the last few years, the transition towards the all-digital customer has accelerated. Clients still struggle to digitize business operations, deliver connected customer experiences, and gather actionable insights across multi-channel journeys. To stay competitive, organizations need to speak to the customer through content and listen to the data collected throughout the customer’s journey.The trouble is, so many organizations looking to improve and integrate digital experiences remain hamstrung by disconnected legacy technology. A great customer experience takes more than implementing a myriad of technologies and delivering content to each customer-engagement channel (e.g., websites, mobile apps, email, social platforms, IoT devices, etc.). It also means connecting these channels to facilitate comfort and confidence via familiarity and consistency. To achieve this, organizations need an integrated ecosystem that nurtures users toward a desired outcome by delivering consistent, connected, and continuous experiences.Even those organizations that have implemented Salesforce platforms to enhance their sales, marketing and support capabilities often experience challenges when it comes to creating the personalized and tailored digital experiences customers expect. In recent years, Salesforce packed these platforms into a coordinated offering called Digital 360. But making Digital 360 work with legacy and 3rd party solutions also still presents a challenge. In addition, organizational and business process barriers to true digital transformation must be overcome.

Deliver the enhanced, connected experiences your customers expect.

In just three weeks, the Salesforce Digital 360 Accelerator identifies and defines the key business drivers, target users, interactions, and engagement channels that will guide the development of your Digital Experience Management Strategy via Salesforce.

Our 3-week Accelerator will get you there by:

  • Devising a clear, defined strategy for enhancing customer interactions and journeys.
  • Recommending process and technology integration improvements that generate valuable insights by enabling a 360-degree view of customer engagements.
  • Identifying gaps in your digital experience management that hamper the delivery of enhanced, connected customer experiences.
  • Guiding digital initiatives through a prioritized roadmap and actionable plan that incorporates the Salesforce Digital 360 platform.

Our Approach

The Salesforce Digital 360 Accelerator follows three key steps:

our approach

How it Works

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Direction Setting & Requirements Definition

We work with your key stakeholders to identify and define the key business drivers for developing a Digital 360 Strategy. Facilitated sessions focus on validating and prioritizing the organization’s business objectives and defining your strategic direction, target users, customer interactions, and engagement methods.
Key Activities:

  • Prioritize Business Drivers
  • Identify Target Users (Personas, Usage Patterns)
  • Assess Interaction Strategies
  • Define Engagement Methods (Devices, Platforms)
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Opportunity Confirmation & Solution Identification

Our visual and interactive processes and tools facilitate ideation, functionality-analysis, and concept-generation. These sessions focus on understanding existing user interactions and engagement channels. Through facilitation we enable key stakeholders to think beyond the current interactions and discuss ideas and identify use cases that directly impact the key business drivers. Next, we group and conceptualize the use cases to develop the requirements and scenarios for a Digital 360 solution. In addition, we review your existing technology landscape and platforms to identify any gaps that hamper the ability to deliver seamless, connected digital customer experiences.
Key Activities:

  • Lead ideation sessions
  • Define and prioritize use cases and scenarios
  • Review current technology platforms and integration requirements
  • Define high-level Digital 360 solution architecture
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Recommendations & Next Steps

We deliver recommendations and a prioritized roadmap that guide the digital initiatives and efforts needed to improve the organization’s Digital Experience Management and enhance customer experiences.

What You’ll Get:

Upon completion of this Accelerator you’ll take away the following deliverables:


Drivers & Opportunities

  • Organizational Business Drivers
  • Customer Engagement, Target Users
  • Current-State Technology Assessment

Executive Readout

  • Next-Step Recommendations
  • Digital 360 Solution Roadmap
  • Timeline & Actionable Plan

Digital 360 Requirements

  • Use Case Scenario Matrix
  • High-Level Solution Architecture
  • Prioritized Solution Requirements