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Social Data Analysis: Employee Engagement

As part of our commitment to providing service excellence during the Coronavirus pandemic, we offer our complimentary report, “Employee Engagement: A COVID-19 Analysis” to help provide guidance to your organization.

As one piece to gain better understanding of your customers and employees, social listening is the practice of deriving insights from the social conversations occurring among consumers online via social media platforms. This qualitative and quantitative research reveals consumer attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions.

Our report documents and trends the following:

  • Social analysis of factory, trucking, rideshare, field service, and entertainment workers
  • Employee and consumer attitudes towards working conditions and worker treatment
  • Specific concerns, beliefs, and behaviors of employees

With the impact of COVID upon your employees and customer, this report will facilitate and guide strategies and actions by revealing beliefs, behaviors and sentiments (and how they changed over time), as reflected in social media data. Download our report to learn more how we can help formulate and execute your back-to-work and analytics strategy.