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Mastering the Art of Mobile Testing

According to Forbes, 80% of mobile apps are deleted after just one use.

If a user has a bad experience, chances are they’ll delete your app, then announce how much they hated it on social media and the app stores. Because despite being a newer technology, user expectations with mobile apps differ from their expectations for desktop applications.
So why is it companies are only now beginning to appreciate the complex, rigorous testing mobile solutions require

Our white paper will help you understand:

  • The importance of a well-defined Mobile Testing Strategy
  • Best practices of a mobile testing organization structure
  • Mobile testing skills, resources, and methods
  • Which mobile testing tools are ideal for your organization
  • The benefits & limitations of automated mobile testing

To learn the steps your organization should take to master the art of Mobile Testing, download our free white paper now. Stop users from deleting your app before they can reap the benefits!