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Realizing Value From Transformation via a Change-Management Framework

Organizations frequently transform as a result of “Trigger Events.” Whether internally or externally generated, such events require operational transformation as a responsive action. This transformation, in turn, must be carefully managed to ensure a successful, sustainable adoption of the desired outcome. Integrated Change Management is a holistic method for making this happen.

Check out our new white paper, “Realizing Value From Transformation via a Change-Management Framework.” This white paper describes how an integrated approach to change management helps ensure a successful, sustainable transformation, and explains:

  • Types of Trigger Events
  • Key elements of effective Trigger-Event management
  • Transformation-facilitation via Trigger Events
  • Transition-management via Event/Response alignment
  • Components of Integrated Change Management
  • Real-world benefits of Integrated Change Management

Regardless of where your organization stands in its digital transformation, uncertainty, fear, and a lack of skills are issues executives must address to ensure sustainable changes are accepted and adopted. An ICM framework approach ensures your investments in initiatives create value by establishing the elements necessary for communicating, educating, and training affected employees.

Streamline your triggered transformation; download our informative white paper now!