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How to Choose an Effective Managed Detection and Response

The technology & cybersecurity threat landscape keeps expanding with new tools and techniques as attackers adapt.

Effective detection and response are crucial because no organization will ever be 100% protected against all cyber-attacks, no matter how much they invest in security.

In our MDR Buyer’s Guide, we’ll discuss what makes an effective MDR provider:

  • How well do they reduce the likelihood of successful cyber-attacks?
  • Is there comprehensive visibility across your complete environment?
  • Do they conduct their own vulnerability & threat research?
  • Are they capable of providing custom responses specific to your environment, assets, and exposure to risk?
  • How automated & scalable is their solution?
  • How useful/credible are their reporting metrics from an at-a-glance view?

Check out our buyer’s guide to determine how to choose an effective Managed Detection and Response provider, so that you can focus more on business outcomes and less on security concerns.