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Failure is not an option… the ‘Ins and Outs of Disaster Recovery’


The pace of business is increasing and the winners will be those that can speed up and scale up. This is challenging as technologies such as cloud, virtualization, microservices and containers are being implemented at increasing rates while staffing has remained flat for most IT teams. It is a struggle for IT organizations to keep up because more infrastructure is constantly being added just as the variety of technologies they are expected to support increases.

The key to set your organization up for success is automation. Automation is essential to speed up processes and scale to handle more customers and more business. From enhancing customer experience to drastically improving staff efficiencies, there are many cost effective improvements automation can add to your business.

Consider that adding an automation layer to link applications and systems of record – along with key governance, maintenance and developer capabilities – provides a competitive advantage.

This guide provides an overview of the various automations available for you to implement today; and looking forward, a couple of automation technologies on the horizon.