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Enable Real-Time Business with Event-Driven Architecture

Our white paper describes the benefits of EDA and explains how a data-streaming platform like Apache Kafka and Amazon Kinesis:

  • Provides massively scalable, fault-tolerant architectures
  • Orchestrates event interactions
  • Connects data streams from disparate sources & systems
  • Enables persistence and querying of data streams
  • Offers a real-time view of product and delivery quality
  • Facilitates instant reactions to emerging issues

Regardless of where your organization stands in its digital transformation, adopting an Event-Driven architecture is essential to realize the full potential of data locked away in static relational databases using archaic batch processes and synchronous, point-to-point interactions. Event-driven applications are nonlinear and asynchronous, which makes them adaptable, enabling components to function independently and be reused many times over.

It’s time to embrace Event-Driven Architecture. Your business can’t afford not to.

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