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COVID-19’s Impact on Food Services

As part of our commitment to providing service excellence during the Coronavirus pandemic, we offer our complimentary report: Food Services in the Time of COVID-19. The two-part report describes COVID-19’s impact on grocery and food services.

Our report documents and trends the following:

• Consumer and employee perspectives
• Delivery service and curbside pick up
• Shopper behaviors: masks, social distancing, etc.
• Worker impact: stocking, checkout, management, protection, and more

Further, the report describes and tracks what makes employees and customers comfortable (and uncomfortable), what influences where customers choose to shop,additional life-changes people approve and disapprove of, plus dialogue around prepared/pre-packaged foods, and more.

As a concise source of truth, our report will facilitate and guide internal communications, as well as help you adapt your strategies and services by revealing what’s going well, and which areas need improvement, as reflected in social media data.