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Amelia: A Next-Generation Digital Insurance Agent

How the Most Human AI Can Work with Human Agents to Redefine Customer Service in the Industry

According to McKinsey, nearly 20% of insurers have already implemented one or more AI technologies. Given the wide variety of insurance use cases for AI, agencies must strategize how to best deploy the technology. For instance, one option lets AI-based agents (a.k.a., “Whisper Agents”) serve as assistants to human agents. Our report examines how Amelia—your “Digital Colleague”—is ideally suited to fill the Whisper Agent role by providing next-generation support for human workers that boosts customer satisfaction while complying with industry regulations.

Our Next-Gen Agent Report helps you understand:

  • Key advantages of the Whisper Agent model
  • Ways Amelia functions as a human agent would
  • How Amelia learns and collaborates with humans
  • AI Case Studies: Fortune 500 Insurance Companies