HTML5 vs Native: Demystifying the Decision Making Process


Adam Bookman, Propelics Partner.
Adam has been the brains behind many new mobile program and app launches. He has advised companies on mobile strategies for Business as well as IT. Being a savvy marketer, with the ability to jump on new trends, he has helped companies make the most of new channels to reach the right audience. Previously, he has been involved in companies from a founding stage to successful exits.

Richard Dutra, VP, Business Development, iTexico.
Richard is a Silicon Valley executive and entrepreneur who loves building startups and being part of ground floor companies. All but one had successful exit strategies, and he learned a lot being part of a failed startup. He believes mobile will be the single most important device we own and its capabilities are endless. His mission is to empower organizations by helping them realize their mobile strategies and transforming them into meaningful solutions. He also balances his life through mentoring and teaches others that Out-of-Box Thinking and a “Never Give Up” attitude will help them prevail over life’s obstacles.