How to Secure Your Unstructured Data from the Inside Out

Watch this video to learn how HPE and RackTop provide a secure enterprise-grade storage solution that is affordable, scalable, and made to protect your unstructured data in the age of rampant ransomware.

Increase Business Agility with SD-WAN

Learn how to optimize connectivity, management, and security of your distributed workforce with SD-WAN

How to Optimize Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Watch this video to learn why it’s critical to work with the right partner to ensure that your hybrid cloud can deliver the business and technical outcomes that you need it to.

Is Your Contact Center Missing the Mark?

Learn how Anexinet can help you take advantage of Contact Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) technology to get your contact center and customer experience exactly where they need to be.

Effective Data Protection Requires More

With the rise of ransomware, having a modern data protection strategy has never been more important. Watch this video to learn why effective data protection requires more than just a backup product and how Anexient can help.

Build Efficiencies into Your Daily Operations with Anexinet’s Managed Services

Do you lack the resources or expertise to keep your applications, data, and IT infrastructure as resilient, safe, and available as you need them to be? Anexinet’s Managed Services were built to help.

Keep Your Data Secure and Flowing with HPE Intelligent Storage Solutions

Storage operations don't have to be complex or costly. Streamline data operations within the cloud and access capacity as a service. That’s the promise of HPE Intelligent Storage and HPE Intelligent Data Platforms. They eliminate silos so you can accelerate innovation and run applications without compromise.

How to deliver a great digital experience

Customer experience (CX) is crucial in today’s digitally connected world. Learn how our Connected Experience Solutions will help you move past the traditional tenets of CX and consistently deliver exceptional experiences internally, and throughout your entire customer journey.

Dell EMC Powerscale: The New Standard of Unstructured Data Storage

From emails to video files, today’s organizations produce an astounding amount of unstructured data. PowerScale was built to help companies like yours not only simplify how that data is stored, but also unlock its potential so it can be used to drive meaningful business impact.

Give Your Infrastructure an AI Boost with HPE InfoSight

Legacy IT infrastructure management often involves disparate tools and complex processes. Watch our video to learn how you can predict and resolve 86% of issues before they ever happen by using HPE InfoSight.

Simplify Your Storage with HPE Primera, Nimble, and SimpliVity

Global data volumes are increasing — and outdated IT storage infrastructure makes it virtually impossible to keep pace. Watch our video to learn how HPE Storage solutions improve data capacity and efficiency.

How to Optimize the Performance of Your IT Storage Infrastructure

Does your IT storage infrastructure support your business goals, projects, and applications? To find out, Does your IT storage infrastructure support your business goals, projects, and applications? To find out, you may need a storage health check. Watch this video to learn more.

Why should you consider hyperconverged infrastructure?

For many organizations, traditional 3-tier architectures create barriers to both change and innovation. If your infrastructure makes it difficult for IT to keep up with the demands of your modern business, hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) can help. Watch this video to learn more.

Take Your Data to the Next Level

Your business needs storage that goes beyond just securing data. Watch this video to learn how you can modernize and simplify your storage to extract insights from your data.

HPE GreenLake: Flexible, Consumption-Based IT for Your Top Workloads

HPE GreenLake’s consumption-based model aligns cash flow to actual capacity usage so you only pay for what you use, always have capacity ahead of demand, and also lower your IT costs. So, how does HPE GreenLake work? Watch this video to learn more.

What is Consumption-Based IT?

Watch this video to learn how modern organizations better control costs while also supporting the need for agility and scalability using Consumption-Based IT.

How to Improve Patient Engagement with Modern Digital Experience

Watch our video to learn the steps to providing patients a secure, modern digital experience that deepens engagement and offers a better quality of care.

What are kickstarts?

Our Kickstarts are bite-sized engagements with banquet results to help launch your digital initiatives quickly, easily and without risk. Watch this video to learn more and how to get started.

5 Reasons Why Your Approach to Disaster Recovery is Destined to Fail

When your critical applications go down, so does your business. Nobody wants to be blindsided by an unexpected event and experience downtime or revenue loss, yet so many organizations lack a truly functional disaster recovery plan. Watch this video to learn why DR plan will fail in its current form.

Benefits of Working With Anexinet, an HPE Platinum Partner

Watch this video to learn from John Kolimago, Executive Vice President and General Manager, how partnering with HPE gives us the capability to meet our customers’ challenges both today and in the future.

How Does Anexinet Help Provide a Complete Digital Experience?

As a leading technology consultancy and reseller, Anexinet helps clients provide a complete Digital Experience. Watch this video to learn more about how we can help your organization.