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Top 5 Reasons Financial Institutions Are Choosing Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

As the demands placed on today’s financial institutions continue to evolve, financial organizations of all sizes are upgrading to Hyperconverged Infrastructure to free themselves from the siloed limitations of traditional 3-tier architectures.

Our eBook describes the top 5 advantages of HCI, including decreased costs, native automation, and streamlined operations and deployment. HCI simplifies IT management, shrinks your IT footprint, and scales easily to meet demand by consolidating compute, network, and storage into a single platform. Plus, HCI boasts resiliency features like zero-downtime upgrades, and built-in backup and disaster recovery.

As Hyperconvergence experts, we’ve found HPE and Nutanix offer the most impactful HCI products, but we’ll always help you identify the ideal solution for your specific needs.