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Five Reasons Law Firms Should Consider Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

Today’s legal services organizations need more from their IT infrastructure.

The demands placed on legal services organizations are more immediate and complex than ever, including automating operations, reducing IT costs, maintaining business continuity, and securing a remote workforce–all while ensuring compliance.

Modern, agile HCI empowers you to overcome the limitations of traditional 3-tier infrastructure and enable the change and innovation needed to meet these demands. Our new eBook explains how HCI enables law firms to achieve better IT, business, and client outcomes—and how Anexinet can help you get started.

Our eBook describes the top benefits of HCI, including:
• Modern/legacy app support right out of the box.
• Streamlined deployment and management.
• Independent scaling of compute and storage resources.
• Native automation of time-consuming operations.
• Built-in resiliency, backup, and disaster recovery.
• Simple lifecycle management and zero-downtime refreshes.

If you’re looking to free your legal services organization from the limitations of traditional infrastructure, chances are Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) is your best option.

Download “Five Reasons Law Firm Should Consider Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)” now.