Product Innovation

Product Innovation

Any leadership team would agree there’s no shortage of ideas when huddled around the boardroom table, yet many organizations struggle with evaluating, prioritizing and executing product-development initiatives. What’s more, most digital transformation initiatives ultimately fail due to insufficient collaboration, integration, sourcing or project management.

Anexinet specializes in bringing your best ideas to life. Further, we help organizations deliver award-winning experiences and uncover new revenue streams through game-changing platforms and products. Our end-to-end process encompasses business value ranking, product roadmap strategy, design, execution and maintenance/support.

For the last twenty years, Anexinet has helped top organizations in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, distribution, retail, energy and natural resources, rapidly transform ideas into real products that drive desired outcomes. We also work with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to help design, develop and maintain their core product offerings. Our unique, proven approach to product innovation ensures alignment with your unique key business objectives and delivers continuous value to target users.

Collaborative ideation with our multi-disciplinary team consistently delivers amazing results by gathering feedback from users and stakeholders across the board, prioritizing functionality by key categories, and working through iterations of design, navigation, and user experience to quickly arrive at a solution guaranteed for success and a roadmap to guide your path ahead.

Strategy-led Innovation

Creating and delivering products that achieve desired business outcomes requires dynamic, multi-dimensional thinking at every step. Lack of critical thought results in products that are convoluted, unintuitive, and painful to develop and maintain.

Our strategic approach aligns expectations with business value and drivers, defines the metrics for success, and prioritizes user scenarios and product solution concepts based on projected ROI and organizational readiness. Business leaders and product owners love that our process rapidly drives action supported by sound analysis.


All businesses are eager to leverage the amazing benefits of digital transformation but many are stuck not knowing the best way to begin. Our Kickstart process has been honed from decades of collaboration to provide actionable results in just a few weeks—quickly, painlessly, and without risk.

Designing for Innovation

Our approach focuses on developing a true understanding of the needs of end users. We perform Day-in-the-Life sessions with target users to identify usage environments, stumbling blocks, pain points and workarounds. Our researchers and designers build a narrative that follows interactions through the defined user scenarios, ensuring the end-result is logical, intuitive, and delivers new value for the organization.

  • Our strategies and solutions ensure success by putting the human-factor first.
  • Design is a team activity of: Inspiration, Ideation, and Implementation .
  • Designers influence all elements of the project throughout the entire process.

Our collaborative, human-centered design approach creates innovative interfaces and experiences through iterations with Product Owners and by testing the design with target users. Only by bringing together all of our design services, including research, journey mapping, creative ideation, and functional design are we able to unearth innovative use cases and further hone the design of the product, solution, and/or service.

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Don’t Underestimate the Value of Enterprise App Prototyping!

Rapid Prototyping

Let’s face it: time is money.

Application prototypes are an invaluable tool for validating a direction before investing significant time and resources on developing an application. We work collaboratively with your product owners and teams through iterative design reviews to yield a functional pixel-perfect prototype that follows a few key “happy-path” scenarios.

Our prototyping is a form of “validated learning.” Reliant on the ‘build-measure-learn’ feedback loop, our objective is to rapidly learn and iterate on the application prototype based on user feedback. Prototyping is particularly valuable in the case of enterprise apps, since these typically require multiple integrations to corporate data sources and platforms. Understanding the interactions early-on, along with what data is needed (and when) accelerates development of the APIs, web services, and point-to-point integrations that make the app work.

Our engineering services include ‘traditional’ soup-to-nuts app delivery—from initial concept to QA-testing, along with stand-alone services engagements for clients who are just missing one piece of the puzzle. No matter what your needs are, our teams make it happen.

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“An amazing year thanks in large part to the Anexinet team support and guidance…In just a few short weeks…we had an on-device prototype in the hands of our CEO.

“…two months after that we had a fully functional app that we could pilot with our partners…With your help, our initiative went from being a small idea…to one of the two top priorities of the firm!”— Scott Phelps
Global eBusiness VP, DLL Group

Technical Foundation

Many product initiatives that begin with an exciting greenfield design process get derailed by the realization that the existing technology foundation is inadequate to support the desired experience. A modern digital architecture is required to power and sustain the expected level of app intelligence.

Enterprise architecture is in our DNA. Modern, event-driven architecture is the key to supporting today’s demand for real-time data flow at scale. We are passionate about employing best-of-breed technology in a foundational architecture that’s built to last. We believe in loosely coupled, composable and independently deployable components that evolve with the needs of your organization. This includes front-end (user interface) components and back-end microservices.

Lastly, our Phased Implementation Roadmap is based on alignment with your drivers and objectives and provides guidance by flagging items as “Required,” “Short/Mid/Long-Term” or “Future.” The immediate (phase I) action plan includes scope, effort, budget, timeline and sprint plan. Further, we provide recommendations to achieve your envisioned future state in each architectural area based on current-state gaps, overall readiness, and critical dependencies.

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Smarter Products

It’s not enough to build software products that look great and function as designed. Users’ elevated expectations mandate smarter, more useful software. Product innovation means constantly finding new ways to improve convenience, save time, and provide data and interactions more quickly (e.g. through voice and contextual intelligence). In short, today’s digital tools have evolved from rigidly structured software to highly aware virtual assistants.

A common denominator of today’s innovative software is advanced data and analytics. Creating more intelligent applications takes an underpinning of modern data systems. Anexinet thinks beyond the tradition application database to an ecosystem of advanced data systems that power analytics and insights capable of driving more dynamic software.

Our work doesn’t end with the real-deal release of your application. Rather, we continuously hone your application by leveraging advanced analytics to track usage trends (e.g. crashes, delays, drop-offs) and identify the most (and least) used features. These strategies guide our path forward and let us continuously improve the application by pushing more popular features forward in the UX and degrading the least used features over time.

We combine strategy, design, and advanced analytics to build intelligent products and services that improve business outcomes.

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Address: 4 Sentry Parkway East, Suite 300, Blue Bell PA, 19422
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