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Wireless Site Survey

With an ever-growing need to remain connected on any device, in any location, at any time across all facets of your business, a poor wireless experience can lead to frustration, increased support tickets and a loss of both productivity and confidence in IT. An RF site survey is essential in order to deliver robust wireless capabilities, including aspects such as VoIP and real-time location services.

Choosing the Right Wireless Site Survey

Whether your organization is building a new wireless network or wants to ensure its existing infrastructure is fit for purpose, Anexinet will conduct a passive, active, and/or predictive survey, then design an RF network that delivers the coverage, data rates, network capacity, roaming capability and service quality required, while accounting for RF interference and optimizing access point locations.A passive survey detects active access points, and measures signal strength and noise level by analyzing WLAN traffic. Active surveys verify network performance by measuring round-trip time, throughput rates, packet loss, and retransmissions. Additionally, we analyze RF spectrum data to detect interference from non-802.11 sources (e.g. microwave ovens or cordless phones). A predictive survey uses a simulated model of your RF environment (including modeled interference) to assess propagation and expected coverage via temporary and virtual access points or signal sources. Maximize stability, reliability and performance to provide a solid foundation for mobile devices and mission-critical applications.

Wireless Site survey map

Our Approach

Our proven approach yields a successful Wireless Site Survey, typically over a 4-week period:

Our Process

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Current State Analysis

We start by analyzing your organization’s wireless network landscape to determine scope, identify key design parameters, and develop a thorough understanding of your objectives and challenges. Next, we conduct onsite surveys and review the specifics of your network during our facilities walk-through.

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Technology Review

This step reviews the findings and potential issues identified in our predictive, active/design, and passive/post surveys, highlighting critical concerns ahead of deployment.

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Site Survey Report

Here, we review our findings, discuss any issues, and describe how they impact your business goals along with any ongoing/future projects. Finally, we plan and design a wireless network that delivers the coverage, data rates, network capacity, roaming capability and quality of service required, while taking into consideration RF interference risks and the optimal access point locations.

What you’ll get

Upon completion of this Wireless Site Survey you’ll take away the following artifacts:


Wireles Site Survey Report

  • Current State Analysis
  • Heatmaps of RSSI/SNR/Interference
  • Access Point (AP) Count & Location Layout
  • Predictive Survey Findings
  • Active/Design Survey Findings
  • Passive/Post Survey Findings
  • Potential Issues & Critical Concerns

Next Step Recomendations

  • Network Remediation Needs
  • Wireless Network Plan & Design (including security)
  • Bill of Materials
  • Deployment SOW

AP Layouts
Wireless Heatmaps
Survey Reports