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Architecting Networks to Support Today’s Business

Build, maintain, and optimize your connected world

The network is the backbone of your business. Employees and customers need to access applications and data easily and securely from anywhere at any time. The structure and layout of your network must be constantly evaluated to ensure availability, validate security, and guarantee performance. How do you confidently grow your network service capabilities and meet security requirements when there are so many variables to consider?


To keep pace with the change of technology and how it is consumed by end users, IT organizations need to support this transition through careful evaluation of the current environment, technology, and provider contracts. Communications have shifted from a traditional premises-based systems to hosted and “as a service” solutions leveraging hyper-scaled architectures like Microsoft’s Azure and AWS. Anexinet has proven processes for evaluating and improving customers’ networks. Our experts are focused on evaluating your business needs, making the most of existing assets, and implementing new solutions to meet your stringent demands. We help you develop a strategy that avoids costly network downtime, improves performance, strengthens security, supports your mobile workforce, and delivers a strong foundation on which to grow.

Wide Area Networks (WAN) Infrastructure

We go beyond the traditional WAN that is used to connect users at the branch or campus to applications hosted on servers in the data center. A transformed cloud-centric world demands more. SD-WAN addresses the current IT challenges with an approach that can lower operational expenses and improve resource usage for multisite deployments. It also allows you to use bandwidth more efficiently while maintaining high levels of performance for critical applications without sacrificing security or data privacy. SD-WAN allows you to prioritize business critical traffic and take advantage of internet broadband connections connect directly to cloud resources.

We work with our customers to navigate that complex to build and ensure those connections meet the demands of your business today and tomorrow, including:

Local Area Networks (LAN) Infrastructure

Secure foundational components – plan, build and optimize the fundamentals of networking

The Local Area Network is fundamental to modern business communications and is critical to your business. Whether your needs are single suite or up to a multi-building campus, our team of experts help you design and deploy a scalable LAN solution that provides the resiliency and security your business requires. To help our customers keep up with the increased demands in devices, data, and digital services, we offer routing, switching, and wireless products and services to ensure that the network can meet your current and future business needs.


From wired to wireless, we help organizations source and deploy local networks that are secure, scalable, reliable, and borderless. We specialize in designing and implementing campus/LAN networks environments utilizing traditional technologies as well as leading edge technologies incorporating security, wireless/mobility, and software-defined management.

Security Access Control

The greatest security risks to today’s businesses result from vulnerable architectures, out-of-date software and inadequate policies. But securing entire IT infrastructures is daunting and requires highly-skilled IT personnel that businesses usually can’t spare.

Anexinet has proven process that integrates segmented architectures, software patches, policy updates, and user education to create a secure IT foundation. Our network security solutions increases protection from both outsider and insider attacks. Our services include:

The Modern Network

As a result of the fundamental shift in network traffic patterns, migration away from traditional private based communication networks in favor of an Internet based communication system will best position corporate networks to successfully support the new work environment. These systems, powered by SASE/ SD WAN solutions will be more reliable and secure as well as less expensive, while simultaneously allowing for more fluid communications and better enabling “work from anywhere”.

Modern Network Architecture Benefits

We offer services to help clients design and architect comprehensive connectivity solutions for datacenters, LAN, WAN, and Wireless networks, as well as providing software-defined network management. Further, our deep expertise in SDN technologies and methods ensures seamless operation of all components, and secure connections in preparation for hybrid cloud deployment, improving: