The network is the backbone of your business. Employees and customers need to access applications and data easily and securely from anywhere at any time. The systems that manage connectivity between your infrastructure, end-users and the outside world must be highly available. The structure and layout of your network must be constantly evaluated to ensure availability, validate security, and guarantee performance. How do you confidently grow your network service capabilities and meet security requirements when there are so many variables to consider?

Many organizations find it difficult to configure all the features and functionality of these technologies. Anexinet helps you design leading-edge networking solutions that utilize the advanced capabilities of today’s networking equipment. Our goals: increased security, simplified operations, and improved application performance.

Network Strategy & Design

Anexinet has proven processes for evaluating and improving customers’ networks. Our experts are focused on evaluating your business needs, making the most of existing assets, and implementing new solutions to meet your stringent demands. We can help you develop a strategy that avoids costly network downtime, improves performance, strengthens security, supports your mobile workforce, and delivers a strong foundation on which to grow. Our goal is to empower your IT team by giving them the tools they need to manage consumption and protect your organization against threats, both internally and externally.

Anexinet offers services to help clients design and architect comprehensive connectivity solutions for datacenters, LAN, WAN, and Wireless networks, as well as providing software-defined network management. Further, our deep expertise in SDN technologies and methods ensures seamless operation of all components, and secure connections in preparation for hybrid cloud deployment.

Our strategy and design services include:

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Network Modernization Assessment

Gain strategic direction to strengthen, mature and modernize your network tools, technology and architecture.

Without an adaptable network, IT organizations can’t keep pace with today’s business demand. For this reason, modern infrastructure has at its core an intelligent, automated, software-driven network. But the modernization process isn’t without hurdles, including legacy infrastructure, poor system integration, vendor lock-in, and misalignment with business needs. Further, modernization comes at a price. New devices, remote workforces, outdated documentation, and multi-cloud adoption all widen your attack surface and require assessing to ensure adequate security.

How Mature is Your Network? Our Network Modernization Assessment analyses your technology, security, tools, management, and architecture to guide your strategic direction with a plan and business justification to boost performance by modernizing your network. Further, we assess your LAN, WAN, Wireless, and Remote Access archietecture to enable full support of technical and business goals while accommodating future initiatives.

Our Network Modernization Assessment also provides:

  • Assumption validation for existing topology
  • Insight into misalignment and undocumented devices
  • Reduced administrative costs and complexities
  • Alignment of network strategy with business goals
  • Remediation to alleviate critical concerns

Our Network Assessment Report documents your current state architecture and tools, business and technology needs, plus potential issues and critical concerns. The Network Modernization Roadmap provides a network plan and design along with a strategy to meet security, business, technology, and compliance requirements.

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Wireless (RF) Site Survey

Ensure a solid foundation for mobile devices
and mission-critical applications.

With the ever-growing need for connectivity from any device, in any location, across all facets of your business, a poor wireless experience can hamper productivity, frustrate users, and sully confidence in IT. Yet, studies have shown most wireless enterprise networks are poorly designed despite their unique sensitivity to radio interference, access-point placement, and channel/band configurations.

Whether your organization is building a new wireless network or wants to be sure its existing infrastructure is fit for purpose, a wireless site survey is essential for maximizing stability, reliability, and performance to support robust wireless capabilities, including VoIP and real-time location services. Anexinet will plan and design a wireless network that delivers the required coverage, data rates, network capacity, and roaming capability, while optimizing access point locations and accounting for RF interference.

Passive surveys detect active access points, and measure signal strength and noise level by analyzing WLAN traffic. Active surveys verify network performance by measuring round-trip time, throughput rates, packet loss, and retransmissions, and analyze RF spectrum data to detect interference from non-802.11 sources. Predictive surveys use a simulated model of your RF environment to assess propagation and coverage via temporary and virtual access points or signal sources.

Maximize stability, reliability and performance to provide a solid foundation for mobile devices and mission-critical applications.

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Network Health Check

A Network Health Check provides a clear picture of your LAN, WAN, and Wireless Network architecture and configuration. Our assessment identifies equipment and devices that are performing poorly (or nearing their end-of-life), and rearchitects and remediates your infrastructure to best support future business needs.

Our Health Check assesses:

  • Network architecture and technology strengths and weaknesses
  • Existing network infrastructure lifecycle
  • Remediation steps to alleviate any critical concerns

Introductory sessions enable an understanding of your network environment, processes, challenges, and requirements, followed by on-site workshops for gathering infrastructure data. Lastly, our experts analyze the findings in accordance with industry best-practices recommendations and compile the data in a Network Health Check Report to provide a comprehensive picture of your network infrastructure.

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Networking Solutions

Our team has decades of experience deploying
advanced networking solutions.

We specialize in designing and implementing campus, datacenter and WAN networks utilizing traditional technologies as well as leading edge technologies incoporating security, wireless/mobility, and software-defined management.

Whether your campus LAN is a single suite or a multi-building campus, our team of experts can help you design and deploy and scalable LAN solution that provides the resiliency and security your business requires.

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With today’s in-building and on-campus workforce mobility needs, it is imperative that the wireless network is designed to support the diversity of connecting devices with their unique security requirements. Our engineers work with you to develop the requirements, provide site surveys to ensure a great design, and then deploy leading edge wireless solutions incorporating the latest mobile security and intelligence tools.

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As data centers evolve, the networks that supports them must evolve as well. Today’s data center networks must incorporate scalability, resiliency, and security while being able to easily extend into the private and public cloud. Anexinet works with the latest in spine leaf architecture as well as software overlays to help customers meet their ever-changing data center and cloud networking needs.

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There has been more change and innovation in the WAN and VPN space over the past few years than any other networking area. SaaS, public cloud, hybrid cloud, mobile users, and work from home have put incredible pressure on traditional WAN and VPN’s. Anexinet deploys the latest SD-WAN and VPN technologies to help ensure our customers can continue to deliver the best application performance to their employees and customers.

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The proliferation of smart devices deployed both inside the enterprise and in the field, has created unique connectivity and security challenges. Anexinet’s team works in diverse environments with technologies specially developed to support these IOT devices.

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Software Defined Networking – The static architecture found in traditional networks can be decentralized and complex. Software-Defined Network Management streamlines the process by centralizing network intelligence in a single component to increase flexibility and simplify troubleshooting. Adopt a software-defined approach to network management and security to speed up provisioning while gaining visibility and control.

Anexinet leverages leading edge technologies to provide advanced networking capabilities from manufacturers including:

  • Cisco
  • HPE/Aruba
  • Extreme
  • Silverpeak
  • AWS
  • Microsoft
  • VMware

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Address: 4 Sentry Parkway East, Suite 300, Blue Bell PA, 19422
Phone: 610 239 8100