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Network Modernization Assessment
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Modern infrastructure has at its foundation an intelligent, automated, software-driven network. IT organizations that lack an adaptable network simply can’t keep pace with today’s business demand. But modernization comes at a price, including new devices, remote workforces, vendor lock-in, outdated documentation, and multi-cloud adoption, each of which widens your attack surface and requires a continuum of updated security processes.


Further, the modernization process itself presents obstacles, including poor system integration, misalignment with business needs, and executive opposition. Anexinet’s Network Modernization Assessment analyses your network’s strengths and weaknesses in technology, security, tools, management, and architecture to guide your strategic direction with a plan and business justification to boost performance by modernizing your network. Further, we assess your LAN, WAN, Wireless, and Remote Access architecture to enable support of technical and business goals while accommodating future initiatives.

Additional Network Modernization Assessment benefits include:

Assumption validation for existing topology

Reduced administrative costs and complexities

A plan to ensure disaster survival by optimizing reliability, uptime, integrity, and fault tolerance.

Remediation steps to alleviate critical concerns

Insight into undocumented devices and areas of misalignment

Alignment of network strategy with business goals

Preparedness for secure Hybrid IT adoption

Our proven approach assesses the maturity of your network infrastructure, typically over a 4-week period:

Our Process

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Current State Analysis

We begin our network assessment by reviewing our scope, identifying key Business and Technical stakeholders, and analyzing your network landscape.

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Technology Review

Next, we conduct onsite workshops, interview stakeholders, and review key systems, business processes, and documentation. This enables us to fully understand your network infrastructure, including process dependencies, pain points and opportunities for both the Business and Technology teams. Additionally, we assess how the network must support your technical and business goals while accommodating future initiatives and growth.

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Findings, Roadmap & Recommendations

Here, we review our findings, discuss any issues, and describe how they impact your business goals along with any ongoing/future projects. Finally, we devise a plan and business justification to transform and modernize your network.

What You’ll Get:

Upon completion of this Network Modernization Assessment you’ll take away the following artifacts:


Network Assessment Report

  • Current State Architecture & Tools Analysis
  • Business & Technology Needs
  • Potential Issues & Critical Concerns

Next-Step Recommendations

  • Network Modernization Roadmap
  • Strategy to Meet Business/Technology & Compliance Requirements
  • Wireless Network Plan & Design (including Security)


Assessment Report


Modernization Roadmap


High-level Project Plan