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No matter the platform, device or form-factor, let Anexinet be your one-stop shop for all things mobile.

Your world-class enterprise mobile app starts here.

Creating great business apps means combining stunning user-centric design with the discipline of enterprise considerations. The app must offer focused, intuitive functionality while taking architecture, data integration and security into account.

Aside from our Kickstarts, Anexinet provides ‘traditional’ soup-to-nuts app delivery—everything from initial concept to QA and Support.
And feel free to select items a la carte from our menu of services below. We provide stand-alone services engagements (e.g. testing, support) for clients who are just missing that one piece of the puzzle. Let us know exactly what you need by filling in the form below or simply giving us a call.

Concept & Feature-Set

Depending on how far along your organization has already gotten in the process, at this phase we’ll conduct anything from a mini-ideation to a full, day-long strategy session to brainstorm app features and flesh-out the top contenders. Whichever path you choose, we’ll run the ideas through our Strategy Matrix, which weighs business drivers against cost and readiness to systematically prioritize next steps and direct our phasing strategy. It may turn out what you really need isn’t just one, but a suite of apps.

Concept and Feature Set Image

Further, we’ll include a Competitive Analysis to illustrate what other companies in your industry-vertical are doing with their mobile offerings, assuring your application combines the best features of the top-rated applications available.

During this phase our designers and architects will start sketching-out screens in an attempt to develop a rough understanding of the ideas and concepts being evolved for the app. So don’t be surprised if you catch them furiously scribbling and bickering privately over interface elements. They take their work pretty seriously.

Competitive Analysis Image

UI/UX Architecture image

UI/UX Architecture

Here our User Experience and User Interface designers begin the process of laying out the structure of the app in wireframes and user-flow diagrams. Think of wireframes as the architectural plans for your application, necessary to define the app’s layout and logic along with key elements of user experience, such as responsiveness, animation, and screen transitions. We’ll also build a user-flow diagram to help our designers visualize all possible user-paths and determine the best possible route to each destination. By describing several user-personas and tracing their app-usage from launch to final task, this diagram ensures the end-result is a logical, intuitive, and fun mobile application.

This phase we’ll also discuss copy tone and brand restrictions.
Plus, we’ll review your company’s existing products to ensure a
consistent look and feel is maintained across platforms and to get us on the right track for design.

App Design

In this phase, you’ll see your app really come to life as our designers begin creating full-color Photoshop screen comps. Our Designers take a B2C approach to B2E, designing apps that would easily pass consumer standards to ensure your employees will be happy using your organization’s new apps and not left scratching their heads, confused by a sloppy interface, never to return.

While we pride ourselves on creating apps that are gorgeous, immediately intuitive, and a delight to use, we always use established mobile UI/UX conventions everybody understands. We never try to reinvent the wheel or fall into the trap of creating cool elements solely for the coolness factor. Rather, we realize that our apps—while gorgeous to look at—are utilities deep down inside. Enterprise apps must serve as a frictionless gateway to streamline and quicken your aging business processes.

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Technical Architecture image

Technical Architecture

The Anexinet team has 15+ years of experience in the technologies and tool-sets required to successfully integrate mobile applications with your existing corporate data and ecosystem. This phase of the process includes an objective mobile technology vendor-assessment followed by our recommendations (MDAP, MBaaS, MDM, MAM, etc.). Additionally, enterprise architecture considerations, data integration, and security are taken into account. Development occurs in iterative app release sprints and includes support processes for development, test and production environments.

Anexinet offers SLA- based app development and deployment. We follow a continuous-development methodology and handle all aspect of app development, including device and carrier testing.

Testing & QA

Testing for mobile apps is very different than ‘traditional’ desktop application QA. Many of today’s companies simply aren’t equipped to handle all the specific triage issues unique to the mobile environment. These include Native OS compatibility, memory consumption, offline experience, and device (re)orientation and emulation, to name just a few. Thankfully, these are the kinds of challenges we at Anexinet face every single day. Further, our QA Team is trained not just to test functionality but to analyze approved specs and functional requirements and to inquire further into specific elements where necessary to ensure the app is operating to its fullest potential.

Our QA team then composes use-case scenarios and designs a Test Plan which contains application scope, completion criteria, strategy and coverage, environmental and structural needs, along with task deadlines, risks and contingencies. From here, detailed Test Cases are scripted and executed, and any discovered defects are reported as tickets assigned to development and their progress is tracked to correction. When applicable, app metrics are delivered along with the fix, providing indisputable proof of a repair.

Anexinet’ mobile testing services include:

  • Mobile Testing Strategy
  • Regression Testing
  • System Functional & Non-Functional Testing
  • System Integration Testing
  • Test Automation Strategy, Script Development and Execution
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • UI/UX Testing

Testing and QA Image
Technical Architecture image

Service Desk & Support

Lastly, as with mobile testing, support for mobile applications carries its own unique challenges. But fear not. We’d never leave you hanging following your company’s app-release. We provide robust support, tackling all the possible failure points, nuances, and complexities involved with supporting mobile apps. And naturally, we’re happy to take-on any requests for enhancement.

The fact is, mobile possesses considerably more failure-points than typical enterprise web applications, including connectivity considerations, device and OS-specific issues. App behavior can be impacted by something as seemingly innocuous as user-settings and preferences or by external forces such as MDM/MAM policy revisions or by the expiration of an app certificate. Further, each app acts as a stand-alone installation and users may install updates inconsistently. To complicate matters, administrators can’t simply remote into user devices to view a problem. And while individual apps may crash, outages—caused by a failure of either integration-services or host-systems—will impact the entire user-base.

Our SLA-Based Platform Support includes:

  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 support
  • 7x24x365 coverage available
  • Remote application upgrade / patch deployment
  • MDM / MAM administration

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Address: 4 Sentry Parkway East, Suite 300, Blue Bell PA, 19422
Phone: 610 239 8100