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Managed Services

Managed Services

Let us run your digital footprint so you can focus
on business.

Technology is always evolving. We’ll help you get ahead…and stay there.

Today’s businesses need their IT operations to be more resilient and secure while also leveraging new technologies in novel ways to deliver differentiation,

business value, and agility.


While delivering unparalleled service and support every step of the way, Anexinet’s Managed Services framework provides flexible capacity to meet demand and skillset – pivoting to anticipate need. Our customer tailored services include dedicated governance and oversight processes, along with operational reporting, trend analysis, and continuous improvement. By leveraging actionable insights and automated resolutions, we focus on driving revenue and freeing up resources as well as stabilizing, optimizing, and reducing support costs. Let us help you with:


Managed Applications

Your applications require consistent monitoring and maintenance to ensure they’re stable, secure, responsive, and optimized.

Our application services are tailored to your processes and tools, and our best practices ITIL-toolset helps clients seeking more guidance. We integrate with your existing IT team or take-on their support duties so they can focus on building the business. We help with, or take ownership of development, testing, migration, and monitoring – identifying areas for increased business productivity, customer integration, and operations.  

Managed Infrastructure & Cloud

Performance, uptime, and other critical infrastructure issues place huge demands on your IT team. From workloads and cloud to datacenters and networks, outsource maintenance functions to a qualified Managed Service Provider so your team can focus on the business of IT.

From advisory services to remediation, we improve IT service delivery and availability by monitoring, operating, and optimizing performance and capacity. Augmented by our automation offerings, our services eliminate bottlenecks and downtime as well as reinvigorate top-line growth..

Managed Infrastructure & Cloud Solutions

We keep you up and running, provide the personal attention you deserve, and make sure you have the ideal mix of services to meet your needs—today and in the future.

Managed Security & Compliance

Today’s businesses need to ensure that their environments are secure and compliant. It’s imperative to prevent, detect, and respond to threats before they wreak havoc on your data and your brand.

As a Managed Services Security Provider (MSSP), we focus on safeguarding your systems and data; identifying and remediating vulnerabilities; and protecting your company. Our tailored approach takes the stress out of your operations, letting you focus on managing and growing your business – and sleeping at night. Our services include:

Managed Data & Analytics

Your company’s success is a function of how well you capitalize on your data: from customer data to employee and operational data.
We offer a comprehensive approach to managing, monitoring, and supporting your data platform—from data source to data visualization—whether on-premises or in the cloud. Our support scope encompasses data stores, ETL processes and reporting, and features database modeling, design and performance tuning, master data management, Azure data factory, SSIS, Machine Learning, Social Listening, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and visualization tools, including Power BI, Qlik, Tableau, SSRS, Looker, and more.

Managed Data & Analytics Solutions

Leveraging structured & unstructured data to inspire insights, inform decisions, and facilitate action.