Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Engage end users via connected, HIPAA-compliant experiences


The healthcare ecosystem has experienced rapid transformation. As a consequence of this radical technological evolution, patient expectations are vastly different than they once were. Patients want to be empowered by their healthcare experience and play an active role in choosing their treatment path. Their well-being is paramount and their needs are not only physical, but also psychological and financial.


As such, pharmaceutical and medical device firms must wage many battles, all while reducing the cost of care.


1.  Accelerate the development of drugs and devices to improve patient outcomes.

2.  Educate doctors, organizations and hospitals about their products to encourage adoption and enable more effective treatments.

3.  Ensure doctors, technicians, and nurses are properly trained to use newly-adopted therapies and devices to maximize benefits.

4.  Engage patients to act more responsibly, especially as connected devices and sensors allow more prescribed therapies to be self-administered at home.

Anexinet helps Life Sciences organizations address and solve these complex problems by leveraging cloud, mobile, analytics and IoT.


From strategy through execution, we deliver award-winning self-service applications and the infrastructure to run them on. Our multi-disciplinary teams of strategists, designers, technologists and data experts imagine, design, develop, and implement flexible digital strategies that respond to emerging trends in life sciences.


But these solutions are much more than a single app; they require investments into infrastructure and security regimes. Anexinet has deep experience helping Life Sciences organizations at all levels of technological maturity modernize their core infrastructure from end-to-end to support their new strategy direction while protecting patient and corporate data. Finally, we continuously hone your strategy and applications through trends and insights gleaned from advanced analytics to ensure your digital experience always keeps pace with the evolution of technology.


See how we helped Canopy Health achieve their mission to provide “Refreshingly Clear, Transparent Care.”

Engage Across the Continuum

Providing frictionless interactions across the patient journey will increase positive outcomes exponentially. Anexinet’s digital solutions improve patient awareness and access while driving adherence and retention for across-the-board brand loyalty. Additionally, patients will be safer and use fewer unnecessary healthcare services as the experience improves. The entire ecosystem benefits from a comprehensive system of digital services that address patient needs.


Nearly a third of prescriptions are never filled, and nearly half of medications for chronic diseases are not taken as prescribed. This is an enormous group of people who lack the proper care. Imagine if brands could identify those patients and connect with them? By utilizing an omni-channel approach, brands accomplish precisely that: communicating with patients in real-time to provide better healthcare outcomes while driving revenue.


A 24/7 approach to patient care can be delivered in a seamless, intuitive solution. We improve patient and business outcomes by aligning business KPI’s with the patient journey across R&D, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, and Patient Services, including:


Brand recognition fuels growth. By providing necessary services in a holistic package, we help you boost patient engagement and public awareness to help your brand become synonymous with success. We raise the awareness of your brand. Ours is an à la carte experience, which means we craft solutions that solve problems specific to your business approach.

Onboarding and Access

Easy access to records and telemedicine, during both onboarding and on-script, have become critical offerings. And while increasing communication seems a simple task, building user-friendly systems that allow for personalization is more art than science. We are experienced in creating digital solutions that link all necessary systems and are patently accessible. Whether you’re communicating with patients or employees, you can count on a safe and frictionless experience that functions across platforms and operating systems.


We create systems that help users form meaningful relationships with brands, facilitating adherence by making personalized interactions integral to the user’s daily routine. Imagine an elderly patient who receives mobile notification reminders to take their medication. That application becomes an ingrained part of their life; they rely on it. Through research and social listening, we glean valuable insights to help you anticipate user needs and shape behaviors.


We boost user retention via the implementation of scalable platforms to support long-term engagement. From day one, complex information is expressed via simple design concepts. Our proven collaborative ideation process cultivates insights and uncovers hidden needs, enabling us to generate compelling experiences and drive further engagement by providing real value for end users.



We helped this global Pharmaceutical company gain a deeper understanding of customer sentiment by revealing hidden insights from Social Media data.


Further, our Proactive Social Listening service identified and tracked trends that could not have been obtained via any other means, offering a real-world, real-time peek into consumers’ emotions, attitude, and actions regarding the organization’s brand, products, services, competitors and more.

Patient and Employee Engagement

The agility required to support today’s workforce is rapidly evolving. Distributed teams, mobile workforces, and complex security issues are just a few challenges companies face. Without the right strategy, architecture, applications, and mobile tools to connect and empower employees, your organization is fighting a losing battle.


The process of bringing new drugs to market is changing dramatically. From drug discovery through clinical trials and regulatory approvals, data quality and management, machine learning and advanced analytics assuming a larger role. Once approval is granted, the challenge is enabling the sales organization to educate physicians, hospital administrators and others to the benefits of adopting the new drug – both in terms of better patient outcomes and economics. Once again, data accuracy and a single-source-of-truth are critical.


Anexinet’s modern work solutions enable clients to realize successful outcomes, including increased employee productivity, enhanced customer experiences, and additional market share. But achieving these outcomes requires understanding your organization’s key business drivers, identifying opportunities for innovation, and creating a strategy and actionable roadmap aligned with your strategic objectives.



This multinational pharmaceutical company needed to digitize its paper-based records, planners and consent forms to decrease organizational risk and streamline its Clinical Educator Program.


Our work generated a mobile Patient Engagement Management Solution that enhances consultations and strengthens the client-educator relationship while enabling consent-capture, outcome-tracking, and electronic records management.

Social Listening & Data Analysis

As part of our commitment to service excellence, Anexinet conducts Social Data Analysis to provide valuable, actionable guidance for clients. These studies detail the who, what, when and where of social discussion around the latest diseases affecting the country, including impacts, trends, and much more. Further, the reports describe and track where—and from which social-media sources—misinformation and myths are being disseminated.


As a concise, accurate source of truth, our reports facilitate and guide internal communications and help clients adapt their patient-outreach strategies and services by revealing and tracking patient beliefs, behaviors and sentiments, as reflected in social media data.


For instance, a recent two-part report on the Coronavirus encompassed COVID-19’s impact on all patients with all conditions, including vulnerable patient populations.


Additionally, the reports document and trend the following:

  • Concerns, beliefs and behaviors of vulnerable populations
  • Dialogue around symptoms, conditions and more
  • Impact on patient-behaviors nationwide, across all preexisting conditions
  • Impact on medical appointments, diagnoses, compliance, etc.


Social Media Analysis:
the Impact of COVID-19

Enable Your Digital Core

Modernize your infrastructure to keep current with patient expectations, ensure HIPAA compliance, and stay ahead of real-time data demands. Our elite partnerships with technology leaders enable us to solve your most critical challenges through integrated state-of-the-art infrastructure solutions that ensure services run automatically 24/7, ramp-up to meet demand, and recover quickly from disaster. Through private, public and hybrid clouds, hyperconvergence, composability, and intelligent storage and networking, Anexinet helps you build an IT environment that empowers the future of your organization.


Our Life Sciences engagements take into account all necessary technical considerations and limitations, including current- and future-state data sources and methods, data design (services design, data transformation, etc.), network infrastructure, application architecture, and security and authentication. We document our findings in an architecture report that fully details all technical design requirements (e.g. functional, application data-model, integration and web-services).


Anexinet clients benefit from our proven holistic approach—from engaging front-end interactions to dependable back-end solutions, all informed by data-driven insights. Because truly great engagement, empowerment, and enablement relies on the smooth operation of all interconnected elements: beautiful front-end applications, modern distributed architecture, private/public cloud, Dev/Ops and Agile/SAFE processes, and data-driven insights.



Our client needed a centralized global use of budget impact models to improve consistency and efficacy and replace a flawed, manual, spreadsheet-based process with a mobile Budget Impact Modeling application.


The BIM tool was critical to establishing a new drug in the market, dynamically demonstrating its efficacy and economic impact—not just for situations lacking alternate treatment, but to displace existing therapies by driving better results at lower costs. The engagement required several Day in the Life sessions and technical deep-dives to recreate the global model and establish a scalable architecture. The new application was transformative for the organization, enabling Account Managers to demonstrate the benefits of new therapies while ensuring global data consistency.