Anexinet + Veristor

InvestEdge Case Study


Anexinet Helps Scale with
an Agile Transformation Project

The Company

InvestEdge partners with progressive investment firm leaders to help clients grow through innovative thinking and proven wealth management technology. Top advisors worldwide rely on InvestEdge for managing the assets of high and ultra-high net worth clients.

The Challenge

InvestEdge positioned itself for rapid growth in anticipation of expanding its employee base from 85 to over 200. InvestEdge’s fundamental challenges included supporting the company’s internal team (and processes) while onboarding new talent. To prepare itself, the business would need to break from its homegrown (but unscalable) Waterfall system and establish more efficient documentation and training for internal operations.

Scaling for growth is a classic challenge within our industry. InvestEdge lacked the in-house expertise to establish the needed systems and procedures to position us for success. We needed expert advice and guidance to build our internal processes in a more disciplined manner.”

— Roland Collins, InvestEdge CTO and Founder

The Solution

InvestEdge turned to long-term consultancy partner, Anexinet, for assistance. Interviews with key stakeholders revealed a lack of system process and design definitions, unstructured product development and testing processes, and a weak approach to employee planning.

“Anexinet’s in-depth, multi-faceted approach analyzed the root cause of our issues and identified the challenges we’re facing. It was clear we suffered from an unstructured process that was impacting everything InvestEdge was doing,”

— Roland Collins
InvestEdge CTO and Founder

The consultancy engagement included:

  • Employee interviews and working sessions.
  • Improving the consistency of deliverables—especially employee training.
  • Synthesizing findings to specific people, process, technology categories and themes.
  • Determining root causes and formulating programs to address these issues.

The Benefits

Anexinet’s Agile development methodology produced a more collaborative practice that fostered a closer team environment and streamlined the rollout of the internal systems needed to support future growth. Team tasks became transparent; operational bottlenecks dissolved, and product delivery was simplified. Not only were employees empowered and enthusiastic, the positive effect of the Agile methodology was contagious, even spreading to InvestEdge’s client base.

Anexinet displayed excellent discipline and a full understanding of the Agile methodology. They were confident in their assessment of our operations, met every deadline, and knew all the pitfalls to avoid. With their expert guidance, we achieved a successful transformation to meet all our scaling requirements.”

— Roland Collins, InvestEdge CTO and Founder