Future of Work

Future of Work

Thrive in an ever-evolving digital world.


The agility required to support a modern workforce is evolving exponentially. New business models, changing customer expectations, distributed teams, mobile workforces, curated events, real-time data and complex security issues are just a few daily challenges companies face. Without the right strategy, architecture, tools, applications, devices, data and security to connect and support employees—wherever they are—your organization is fighting a losing battle.


A recent Harvard Business Review report showed a direct link between employee engagement and customer satisfaction. Further, engaging your employees means providing the same experience at work as at home. Thus, a workplace that accommodates its employees with modern digital tools is key to building engagement and competitive advantage. Organizations that fail to provide a modern workplace risk lower employee satisfaction, data loss and, worse yet, business disruption.


Modern work solutions enable our clients to realize successful outcomes, including increased employee productivity, enhanced customer experiences, and additional market share. But achieving these outcomes requires understanding your organization’s key business drivers, identifying opportunities to leverage technology innovation, and creating a strategy and actionable roadmap aligned with your organization’s strategy objectives.


We help clients tackle these challenges by building comprehensive roadmaps that reflect workforce needs and industry-specific use cases. We decouple data and applications from underlying platforms to provide all workers equal access to resources and tools—whether on-premises, remote, or mobile. The modern workplace offers well-defined mechanisms for ensuring governance, operational management, and support.


Our consulting services and solutions ensure you’re equipped with the right solutions to drive your most critical business outcomes, in the following areas:

  • Employee experience
  • Operations
  • Collaboration and productivity tools
  • End-user computing
  • Remote working
  • Desktop migration
  • Mobile device management and security
  • Identity and access management
  • Field workforce
  • Core business platforms

Employee Experience

The relationship between your customers, your employees, and your brand is everything. A company that actively strives to engage employees and provide challenging but enjoyable daily work experiences is more efficient, enjoys higher retention rates, and breeds brand evangelists. The success or failure of your efforts to attract, engage and develop employees is directly dependent upon how well you utilize and optimize the right technologies.


We design applications that automate business processes, improve collaboration, and boost productivity by:

  • Deepening our understanding via ethnographic research, analytics, social monitoring, and user personas.
  • Building rich, immersive, contextualized, and integrated end-to-end customer touchpoints.
  • Refining the user journey via ideation, prototyping, and agile development.
  • Streamlining (current/future) technical requirements via architecture diagrams.
  • Ensuring user-centric (vs product-centric) design via wireframes and user-flow diagrams.

Anexinet raises the bar for employee experiences. Our award-winning custom applications fuse innovative design with advanced technology and analytics to empower employees in innovative ways.


Workplace Operations

Today’s businesses need to prioritize employee safety and security while remaining profitable and meeting customer demand, because company success depends upon the productivity of its employees—which, in turn, is dependent on the health of its workforce. Thankfully, the two go hand in hand: employees who feel safe and secure at work are much more productive.


Whether to comply with government regulations or to increase the well-being of your workforce, today’s technology solutions solve the challenges of workplace safety. For instance, our Modern Video Surveillance with Thermal Imaging solution helps organizations build a safer workplace by monitoring body temperatures.


Implementing the best technological solution for workplace safety requires developing the right strategy, along with the implementation of new standards and technologies. Our advisory services help organizations develop their roadmap and plan to employee safety.


Further, our advisory services help organizations:

  • Discover their ideal tools/technologies.
  • Assess workflows/applications to be integrated.
  • Identify which processes are best suited to them.
  • Build mitigation processes and procedures.

Office 365 Migration Strategy Kickstart

Accelerate your migration with a proven approach that ensures high adoption and guarantees success.

Productivity and Collaboration

Modern businesses need to be flexible to meet the challenges of today. Employees look for flexibility and mobility, and expect to be able to work from anywhere, on any device. Businesses unable to operate remotely with the same efficiency as in the office will struggle to stay competitive and attract talent.


Consider the following:

  • In a recent survey, 73% of respondents stated their organization would be more successful if work were more flexible and collaborative.
  • Nearly 40% of millennials feel their company-provided collaboration tools are outdated and hinder innovation.
  • Organizations with higher-than-average employee engagement exceed the financial performance of competitors by 73%.

Anexinet provides end-to-end solutions for companies looking to empower their workforce with more modern and engaging platforms and tools, including:

From strategy and execution through managed services, Anexinet has helped companies better engage employees for decades. Let us help transform the way your employees work.

Office 365 Data Security & Management Kickstart

Optimize performance and ensure a successful Conditional Access Management plan when migrating to Office 365.

Field Service Modernization

The Field Services workforce is likely your closest end-customer touchpoint—so why hold them back with outdated tools when the new generation of mobile tech lets them effortlessly reach new levels of productivity?


Today’s responsive interfaces, contextual intelligence, and metrics facilitate open communication, promote cross/up-sell opportunities, and streamline customer interactions. The challenge is to convert interest into action; cut through the complexity and create a roadmap to implement your ideal technologies in the field.


A major pillar of creating service value is driving efficiency for every interaction; this requires the right device strategy along with world-class applications. Modern mobile solutions enable companies to increase the value of the services employees deliver and create more memorable customer-service moments.


Implementing the best technology solutions for Field Service Teams requires developing the right strategy. Our services help organizations develop their ideal roadmap to production with the goal to improve  safety, efficiency, and productivity.


Field Services Modernization Strategy Kickstart

Our Mobile Field Services Modernization Strategy Kickstart is your launchpad to a more effective Field Service team. Our Kickstart examines your daily processes and tools and identifies those that could be streamlined and simplified by a mobile solution.


Further, we identify and prioritize the tactical initiatives that drive outcomes such as:

  • Differentiated Field Service offers
  • Optimized on-site incident efficiency
  • Improved Field Service customer satisfaction
  • Premium services upsell/cross-sell
  • Increased service efficiency via IoT integration
  • Decreased device cost

What we do:
Our Enterprise Mobile Field Services Modernization Strategy Kickstart helps you develop a comprehensive understanding of your current business processes and field services daily tools. Further, the kickstart identifies those processes and tools that could be streamlined and simplified by a mobile solution.


We also assess your IT organization’s readiness to support these mobile solutions, identifying and prioritizing any gaps, and the tactical initiatives required to resolve them. Anexinet’s proven methodology ensures the successful delivery of your mobile workforce solutions, in-line with business drivers.


Why It’s Time to Rethink
Your Field Service Strategy

Core Business Platforms

A symbiotic relationship exists between customer-facing applications and internal core business platforms. Successful digital transformation requires a dual focus on both. Internal operations and employee productivity have a direct impact on customer experience.


As companies look to digitize core business offerings, they must be careful to avoid several common pitfalls related to internal systems—each of which hinders the end-to-end customer experience:

  • Tailoring your process and making compromises based on the capabilities (or lack thereof) of back-office system architecture, capabilities and processes. This is especially prevalent with off-the-shelf solutions.
  • A lack of balance in corporate investments between customer-facing systems and internal operating platforms.
  • Inefficient back-office processing and high operating costs.
  • Employee frustration with internal systems, which inevitably permeates the overall customer-service experience.
  • Lack of agility and ability to rapidly enhance internal systems to keep up with evolving business initiatives.

Core business platforms are foundational to differentiating the service your company provides. Designing and building systems that reflect your unique value proposition enables both a better customer experience and more efficient operations.


Anexinet’s end-to-end process for modernizing core business platforms accelerates and de-risks these foundational initiatives. From strategy and design to rapid implementation and managed services, our holistic process blends business strategists with decades of technical know-how to provide industry-specific solutions that include:

  • Financial services to support wealth management, commercial lending, collections, and consumer banking.
  • Energy/utility monitoring and reporting systems.
  • Inventory, warehouse, and route management systems.
  • Healthcare provider and payer solutions.
  • Manufacturing automation and IoT solutions

From gaining agility by breaking down monolith systems to enabling more efficient processing and analysis, our core business platform services will help modernize and transform your business.