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Enterprise Mobile Field Services Modernization Strategy

Our Enterprise Mobile Field Services Modernization Strategy Kickstart helps you develop a comprehensive understanding of your current business processes and field services daily tools. Further, the kickstart identifies those processes and tools that could be streamlined and simplified by a mobile solution.

We also assess your IT organization’s readiness to support these mobile solutions, identifying and prioritizing any gaps, and the tactical initiatives required to resolve them. Anexinet’s proven methodology ensures the successful delivery of your mobile workforce solutions, inline with business drivers.

Our Approach

Anexinet’s proven methodology helps you build an actionable roadmap to identify, develop, and implement great ideas, ensuring the successful delivery of mobile workforce solutions, in-line with business drivers.

Our Process

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Day in the Life

We achieve true clarity on current field services business processes, workflows, technologies and engagement methods used to perform daily tasks and activities.

Through a process of collaborative visualization, storytelling, and role-playing, we review current mobile use cases, brainstorm new use cases, and revisit our “Day-in-the-Life” learnings. This allows us to identify potential opportunities where mobile solutions can deliver high value to the remote workforce.

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Direction Setting & Modernization Scope

This step focuses on understanding your organization’s business drivers and mobile vision. We review your current landscape—devices and solutions used for daily tasks and activities—and define your target mobile users. Then we study market trends, related industries, and disruptive change areas to identify additional innovation opportunities.

Next, we perform an Opportunity Analysis of your field services’ current mobile solutions to determine how to best leverage existing investments. Here, we capture target users, technology platform, device types, intended functionality, etc.

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Ideation, Analysis, and Process Mapping

Our proven Ideation Framework prioritizes mobile use cases by business value, organizational readiness and ease of implementation, identifying those use cases that deliver the biggest impact, then grouping them by functionality into a Mobile Solution Portfolio.We then meet with key stakeholders to map existing field service processes and workflows to identify those that may be streamlined and simplified by mobile solutions (e.g. data access and capture, customer interactions).In addition to understanding current processes, mobile solutions and identifying high-value mobile use cases, we perform a Mobile Maturity Assessment of your IT team to gauge their ability to support current and future mobile solution initiatives.

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Visualization & Prototype

Here, we bring to life the highest-ranked mobile solutions and address specifics of the UI/UX through interaction diagrams and screen flows. As scenarios emerge and the functionality for use-cases becomes clear, we assemble wireframes and mockups into a functional prototype that can be instantly deployed on any number of mobile devices.

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Roadmap & Next Steps

We review our Mobile Maturity Assessment and formulate future-state recommendations to generate a Field Services Modernization Strategy Roadmap. This Roadmap defines and prioritizes actionable steps and tactics, based on criticality, complexity and effort—weighing business value against organizational readiness.Lastly, we develop a Mobile Solution Budget & Implementation Plan that outlines the cost, resources and time-line for delivering the recommended short-term initiatives defined in the Roadmap, as well as for completing development and delivery of the prototyped mobile solution.

What You’ll Get

Upon completion of this Kickstart you’ll take away the following artifacts:


Business Priority & Maturity

  • Field Services Modernization Scope Document
  • Mobile Solution Portfolio
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Mobile Maturity Assessment & Scorecard


  • Mobile Solution Interaction Diagram
  • Mobile Solution Wireframes
  • Mobile Solution Design Comps
  • Mobile Solution Prototype


  • Mobile Solution Architecture
  • Modernization Readiness Roadmap

Executive Readout

  • Recommendations Document
  • Mobile Solution Budget & Implementation Plan
  • Timeline & Next Steps