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Mobile apps transform businesses in ways never imagined, streamlining business processes for happier, more productive employees. But, when poorly managed, app projects often wind up wasting time and draining resources. 

How to be sure you’re pursuing the ideal mobile strategy while keeping mobile initiatives in lockstep with business goals?

Simple. Kickstart it.

What Are Kickstarts?

We offer our services in unique, bite-sized engagements called Kickstarts—specifically designed to solve these situations and help get your initiatives off the ground—quickly, easily and without risk.

We offer 6 different Mobile Enterprise Kickstarts, each one focused on helping clients get up to speed at: building an Enterprise Mobile Roadmap, App Scoping & Prototype, Mobile UI/UX Design, Field Services Modernization, IT Strategy for Mobile, Mobile Center of Excellence planning and creation, and Emerging Technologies.

Additionally, we provide soup to nuts app development, testing and support, helping clients with app architecture and development, MCOE management, mobile app testing, and mobile app tier 2 & 3 support.

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Mobile Strategy

Build a spot-on mobile app strategy

Large companies often feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of mobile app possibilities and have trouble knowing where to start when it comes to identifying the most significant game-changing features.

Our proven ideation process aligns expectations with business value and drivers, defines the metrics for success, and prioritizes scenarios and app concepts based on projected ROI and technology constraints to separate real business and customer value from minutia and noise.

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Enterprise Mobile Roadmap Kickstart

The Enterprise Mobile Roadmap Kickstart takes you from ideation to action-plan in as little as two weeks. Our strategists will flesh-out and prioritize innovative app ideas based on revenue creation, profitability, customer engagement and brand enhancement. We measure perceived app value against infrastructure, risk, and cost to produce a tactical App Roadmap fine-tuned for business benefit and user adoption.

You’ll take away a realistic and tactical roadmap and timeline that provides business and IT with an action plan to accelerate the realization of your mobile app strategy.

App Scoping & Prototype

Bring your best app ideas to life

Mobile app prototypes are an invaluable tool for validating a direction before spending big on developing the real-deal app. Our prototypes provide a gorgeous, pixel-perfect experience that follows a few key “happy-path” stories. How we get there is no accident.

Prototyping is particularly valuable in the case of enterprise apps, since these typically require multiple integrations to corporate data sources and platforms. Understanding early-on how the user interactions are going to work, and what data is needed (and when) saves a ton of time and effort when developing/adapting the APIs, web services or point-to-point integrations that will make the app work. In many cases, the development of such integrations can be more costly (both in terms of resources and time) than the development of the app itself.

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App Scoping & Prototype Kickstart

From back-of-the-napkin to smartphone screen. This Kickstart provides a well-defined plan that combines business-need with a comprehensive implementation approach, identifying potential issues early-on to ensure a successful app strategy. Get your app off to a great start, with a functional prototype that can be instantly deployed on mobile devices. You’ve got a killer app idea. Now it’s time to make it fly.

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App Refresh Kickstart

How old is your organization's app? How many OS updates have occurred since it was first released? Are you confident its performance is still on par with newly-released competitor apps that take advantage of the latest mobile technologies? Our App Refresh Kickstart assesses your app’s performance, architecture and UX, prioritizes top functionality uses cases and enhancements, and brings them all to life in a working prototype. All in just a few weeks.

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App Refresh Kickstart

Learn more about our App Refresh Kickstart to:

  • Eliminate crashes and performance issues
  • Address and prevent negative app store reviews
  • Leverage the latest features (e.g. Voice Enablement)
  • Speed access to info and interactions (Contextual Intelligence)
  • Dramatically boost user productivity and delight

IT Mobile Strategy

Update your strategy to leverage the latest tech.

The pursuit of enterprise mobility brings a unique set of challenges in terms of IT skills, competencies, tools, standards, methodologies, change management, and processes.To complicate matters, these challenges are ever-changing, ever-evolving. Today’s mobile technology offers business advantages like never before, including contextual intelligence, which saves time and boosts productivity by providing users the interactions they need most, the very moment they’re needed. If your company has yet to adopt these new technologies, it’s likely because IT isn’t ready. Our IT Strategy for Mobile Kickstart gets your IT team up to speed by assessing your mobile maturity, providing recommendations across 100 IT maturity disciplines, and benchmarking the results against competitors.

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IT Strategy for Mobile Kickstart

The pursuit of mobile brings a unique set of challenges in terms of skills, competencies, tools, standards, methodologies, change management, and IT processes. Our IT Strategy for Mobile Kickstart addresses these and helps adapt IT to best support a thriving mobile strategy. This Kickstart assesses your readiness and provides a roadmap to ensure your IT Team has the tools, processes, controls, and talents necessary to build and support a thriving mobile business.

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Field Services Modernization

Modernize the one strategy that matters most.

The Field Services workforce is likely your closest end-customer touchpoint—so why hold them back with outdated tools when the new generation of mobile tech lets them effortlessly reach new levels of productivity?

Today’s responsive, metric-focused interfaces feature contextual intelligence to facilitate open communication, promote cross/up-sell opportunities, and streamline customer interactions. The challenge is to convert interest into action; cut through the complexity, and draft-up a plan to implement your ideal technologies in the field.

Countless Fortune 500 organizations have turned the “burden” of migrating off old devices into a huge business opportunity. Why aren’t you one of them?

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Enterprise Mobile Field Services Modernization Strategy Kickstart

Our Mobile Field Services Modernization Strategy Kickstart is your launchpad to a more effective Field Service team. Our Kickstart examines your daily processes and tools and identifies those that could be streamlined by a mobile solution.

Further, we assess your IT team’s readiness to support a mobile solution, and identify and prioritize the tactical initiatives required to resolve any gaps. All in just five weeks.

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Mobile Center of Excellence (MCOE)

Tame the Wild West. Connect people, processes and tech for strategic success.

Creating an Enterprise Mobile Strategy is difficult. Creating a successful Enterprise Mobile Strategy without a Mobile Center of Excellence is almost impossible. A well-structured MCOE is the cornerstone of any enterprise mobile strategy and the only way to finally achieve a holistic approach to mobility.

A Mobile Center of Excellence is more than just the standardization of processes and tools—it’s a centralized body that ensures all mobile initiatives are in-keeping with the business’s larger objectives. Not an “ivory tower” but a hard-working team coordinating efforts to bring about change.

Avoid fragmented and redundant mobile projects, save time and effort, mitigate risk, and achieve greater consistency throughout the enterprise.

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MCOE Kickstart

A Mobile Center of Excellence (MCOE) helps organizations avoid fragmented mobile projects and rogue apps. With an MCOE in place, your organization can embrace mobile holistically, mitigate risk, ensure regulatory compliance, and meet cross-organizational goals. This Kickstart identifies the charter, scope, reach, and structure of your MCOE. This includes the development of standards and governance along with a framework for championing your mobile solutions.

Mobile App Development

Creating great business apps means combining stunning user-centric design with the discipline of enterprise considerations. The app must offer focused, intuitive, contextual functionality while following the latest best practices in architecture, data integration and security.

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Technical Architecture & Development

Our team has over two decades of experience with the technologies and tool sets required to successfully integrate mobile applications with your existing corporate data and ecosystem.

This phase of the process includes an objective mobile technology vendor-assessment followed by our recommendations (MDAP, MBaaS, MDM, MAM, etc.). Additionally, we take into account all enterprise architecture considerations, data integration, and security.

Development occurs in iterative app release sprints and includes support processes for development, test and production environments.

Anexinet offers SLA- based app development and deployment.

We follow a continuous-development methodology and handle all aspect of app development, including device and carrier testing.

Service Desk & Support

As with mobile testing, support for mobile applications carries its own unique challenges. But fear not. We’d never leave you hanging following your company’s app-release. We provide robust support, tackling all the possible failure points, nuances, and complexities involved with supporting mobile apps. And naturally, we’re happy to take-on any requests for enhancement.

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Proactive Mobile App Support

The fact is, mobile possesses considerably more failure-points than typical enterprise web applications, including connectivity considerations, device and OS-specific issues.

App behavior can be impacted by something as seemingly innocuous as user-settings and preferences or by external forces such as MDM/MAM policy revisions or by the expiration of an app certificate. Further, each app acts as a stand-alone installation and users may install updates inconsistently. To complicate matters, administrators can’t simply remote into user devices to view a problem. And while individual apps may crash, outages—caused by a failure of either integration-services or host-systems—will impact the entire user base.

To face these many and complex challenges, Anexinet offers enhancement tracking and prioritization along with proactive monitoring and validation of app-store comments, plus in-app feedback management and bug triage tiered for increased efficiency.

SLA Based Platform Support:
· Tier 2 and Tier 3 support
· 7x24x365 coverage available
· Remote application upgrade / patch deployment
· MDM / MAM administration
It’s a true Service Desk at the pace of mobile.

Anexinet enables your company to engage customers at each digital touchpoint through intelligent, contextual experiences that fuse innovative design with the latest technology and analytics.

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