Ensure Workplace Health and Safety

Anexinet’s comprehensive, end-to-end approach helps you ensure the good health, safety, and well-being of your employees and customers in three ways. We analyze and track their feelings and sentiments on social media (via social listening), we engage them via responsive, contextual self-service applications, and we offer modern solutions (e.g. thermal imaging) to ensure their good health and safety in the new normalToday’s businesses are forced to perform a difficult balancing act; they must prioritize employee safety and security while remaining profitable and meeting customer demand. Your company success is dependent on employee productivity which, in turn, is dependent on the good health of the workforce. Thankfully, the two go hand in hand: employees who feel safe and secure at work have a higher retention rate and are able to be much more productive. Finding and implementing your organization’s ideal workplace-safety technology solutions requires developing the right strategy along with the implementation of new standards and technologies. Our advisory services help organizations quickly develop an actionable roadmap and plan to ensure the safety of employees and customers.

Further, we help organizations:

  • Discover their ideal tools, technologies & processes
  • Assess workflows & applications to be integrated
  • Implement mitigation processes and procedures

Whether to comply with government regulations or increase the well-being of your workforce, today’s technology solutions solve the challenges of workplace safety. Our Modern Video Surveillance with Thermal Imaging solution helps organizations build a safer workplace by monitoring body temperature, mask-wearing, and social-distancing compliance. Additionally, the technology enables contact tracing and facilitates mitigation via the screening of affected individuals.

Leverage innovative technologies to:

  • Ensure the safety and well-being of your workforce and customers
  • Minimize contact with at-risk individuals and surfaces
  • Trace all contacts of an at-risk person and begin mitigation
  • Combine your systems with facial recognition to provide contactless entry, control access into your facilities, and minimize face-to-face interaction”