eMoney Case Study

eMoney Advisors Partners with Anexinet For Data Center Upgrades and Financial App Scaling

eMoney Advisors Partners with Anexinet For Data Center Upgrades and Financial App Scaling

The Company

For nearly two decades, eMoney Advisor (eMoney), a leading provider of technology solutions and services that helps people talk about money, has worked side-by-side with more than 60,000 financial professionals to deliver solutions that meet evolving client needs. Rooted in comprehensive financial planning, eMoney’s solutions strengthen client relationships, streamline business operations, enhance business development and drive overall growth.

The Challenge

eMoney faced two notable IT challenges over the course of eight years:

eMoney Advisors Partners with Anexinet For Data Center Upgrades and Financial App ScalingThe need to overhaul its data centers.

The implementation of a new Synergy Platform to improve scalability and elasticity.

The Data Center Overhaul

In 2015, eMoney was operating two data centers and needed to refresh their IT infrastructure, including their storage platform and associated cabling. Although the data center was somewhat virtualized, applications still required significant time to perform bug fixes, and quarterly release updates were an “all hands-on deck” process, requiring weekend maintenance to implement.

eMoney Advisors Partners with Anexinet For Data Center Upgrades and Financial App Scaling

The Synergy Platform

In 2018, eMoney sought a way to scale their platform. In order to properly scale their financial application, eMoney needed a completely streamlined method of delivering its software.

“We needed to significantly increase our compute capabilities to improve as an enterprise-level, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider. In addition, we needed a more flexible infrastructure that could scale to meet customer demands.”
—Michael Finnegan, VP of Operations, eMoney.

To help eMoney achieve their two IT projects, they turned to Anexinet—an established expert and trusted partner.

eMoney Advisors Partners with Anexinet For Data Center Upgrades and Financial App Scaling
The Solution

For almost a decade, Michael Finnegan has trusted in his relationship with Anexinet. We were a proven IT partner, following the successful data center enhancement project in 2015. Michael felt comfortable turning to us for the Synergy Platform upgrade. Although Michael worked with a veteran staff of IT experts on the 2015 data center upgrades, the modernization and scalability challenges were significant.

Anexinet was brought in to help plan two new data centers centers in locations on the East and West Coast. They were designed to leverage a hybrid IT infrastructure and elevate the workload from standalone servers and storage systems onto a private cloud anchored by a modern blade or a chassis-based model.

“The cutover from the old to the new data centers was soup-to-nuts. It was a four-hour process with a full-fledged DR test. A big part of that was working with Anexinet and there was never an issue we couldn’t work through. We had a brand-new data center built from the ground up that was beautifully designed to expand easily by just adding new blades.”
—Michael Finnegan, VP of Operations, eMoney

Data Center Modernization:
  • VMware, ESX on the new chassis with a configuration of OneView.
  • Configuration of Virtual Connect into the network stack.
  • Testing redundancy across the blades and chassis.
  • Separating out non-critical workloads from the critical customer facing workloads.
  • Implementing a robust backup structure to automate the backup of the Virtual Machines and backup the SQL environment.

For the Synergy Platform project in 2018, eMoney wanted to prepare for the future and major growth. To scale for the next phase, a joint decision was architected to expand eMoney’s production environment across an HPE Synergy platform. This new platform provided eMoney with a network infrastructure aligned with the new hybrid IT, in addition to a long view, future-proof technology roadmap. By expanding their hybrid IT environment, eMoney gained the ability to rapidly deploy its financial application to new customers while expanding capabilities through the cloud to meet specific time-to-market requirements.

Working with Anexinet, eMoney achieved a true Infrastructure-as-a-Solution, yielding on-premises workloads, with the ability to shift processing into the cloud if and when needed.

The Benefits

In 2015, the new data centers empowered eMoney to expand their server footprint by 160%, while also enabling a 400% increase in data growth and demand.

In 2018, eMoney experienced dramatic performance improvement in its key application areas. The IT staff was able to seamlessly roll production requirements into operations with no downtime. The goal of completing both projects under budget, ahead of schedule and without any operational interruptions was fully realized:

  • Accomplished project under budget
  • Dramatic performance improvement on all key systems
  • Ensured a high availability platform for applications


“From day one, the benefits were SLA and uptime improvements. With the improved application availability, my Team can now focus on accelerating DevOps, a Microservices strategy, orchestration, and looking at cutting-edge processes such as Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence.”
—Michael Finnegan, VP of Operations, eMoney

eMoney Advisors Partners with Anexinet For Data Center Upgrades and Financial App Scaling