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Design Services

Agency-level design for the enterprise.


Our passion for a brand is ignited by the promises that brand makes, but our loyalty to the brand is dependent on how well it delivers: its differentiators, value proposition, consistency, and engagement. Does your brand nurture and sustain personal relationships? It should. Because a company’s success is dependent on the success of its brand. We design digital experiences across the customer lifecycle to help you attract, acquire, and retain the people who matter the most by:

  • Deepening understanding through research, analytics, social monitoring, and user personas.
  • Building rich, immersive, contextualized, and integrated end-to-end customer touch-points.
  • Refining your user journey through ideation, prototyping, and agile development
  • Streamlining technical requirements through architecture diagrams (current and future).
  • Creating wireframes and user-flows to ensure design is user-centric vs product-centric.

Ideally, great UI/UX design is transparent to the user. Our design services focus on serving need and solving problems—not just on checking the boxes.


Anexinet boosts app adoption for Travel and Transport.


Consumers of your products and services are people first and customers second. What drives them? What are their needs and wants? What keeps them awake at night? Do you understand their pain points?


Only by revealing the voice of your user can you deliver experiences that speak directly to the problems they face. We provide deep insight into why people care about your brands, services, and products (or why they don’t)—and the mindsets, moods, and motivations behind their behavior.


Ethnographic research, analytics, and social media monitoring provide an intimate understanding of your present and future customers and employees. We help you:

  • Design the ideal testing credentials, sample size, and methodologies
  • Understand why customers do what they do by revealing sentiments, anxieties, and drivers
  • Map demographic and Day in the Life research against your own findings and target market
  • Build digital prototypes, solutions, and services through ideation and collaborative problem-solving

Anexinet helps Bright Horizons regain market share.

User Journeys

When it comes to brands, experiences, channels, products, and services, today’s customers have limitless options. Similarly, digital tools enable new efficiencies and opportunities for employees. As part of your integrated strategy our journey mapping and Day in the Life provide a deep understanding of your customers’ and employees’ needs and ensure you deliver valuable, streamlined experiences. These processes reveal hidden behaviors, pain points and workarounds, and map sentiment and intention against messaging, design, and deliverables to align strategies at each step (e.g., a completed job, an item purchased, or a posted review).


We help you discover what truly resonates with the people who matter most to drive loyalty, boost efficiencies, encourage purchases, and maximize engagement and delight:

  • Contextuality throughout the workday/buying cycle
  • Consistency across interactions, locations, products, screens, and devices

Our Day in the Life process and User Journey mapping uncover key truths about the customer lifecycle and employee tasks to radically improve the accuracy and value of your digital products and services.


From the tiniest detail to the overall brand experience, creative design can never exist in a vacuum. Every interaction, experience and event must be carefully considered with each user’s specific needs in mind.


Part visionary, part problem-solver, our team of designers and architects is focused on building inventive, inspired experiences that offer intuitive, familiar interactions. We maximize our clients’ success by developing a thorough understanding of your target users, strategizing a feature set, then refining the design to perfection through user testing and iterative updates. We help you communicate effectively and influence behavior via:

  • Websites
  • Mobile applications
  • Advertising
  • Product interfaces

Great design captures your brand’s essence and encompasses all aspects of the experience, including language, tone, mood, color, and animation to effectively communicate a consistent message.

Ideation & Prototypes

Application prototypes provide invaluable direction validation and identify potential issues early on. Our prototypes offer a gorgeous, pixel-perfect experience that traces a few key “happy” paths. How we get there is no accident.


Anexinet’s ideation services brings together strategists, designers, data scientists and technologists to devise a plan that combines user/business need, gorgeous design, and a comprehensive implementation approach to ensure a successful app strategy. Get your app off to a fast start with a functional prototype that looks and feels like the real deal and acts as your launching pad to delivering new tools, platforms and experiences to reinvigorate engagement and enablement.


Let Anexinet help bring your next game-changing application to life!



Canopy Health’s mission is to provide easy and transparent access to care. Our engagement empowered the organization with a suite of cross-platform mobile apps that enable 24/7 video visits with physicians and an updated technical architecture to support it.


Additionally, our member portal enabled a single user experience that leveraged multiple EHRs to provide the client with a key competitive differentiator. It offers instant access to provider directories, along with self-service insight into medical histories, prescription info, and procedural costs.

Functional Design

Functional design translates user-need into technical requirements. A critical component of the application design process, functional design catalogs the rules and requirements that define an application’s interactions, behaviors, and tasks.


To achieve the best user experience possible, our approach is guided by Day-in-the-Life sessions and interviews with end users and key stakeholders. An iterative collaborative approach ensures every detail has been distilled down into user interactions, business logic, integration needs, and exception handling. Additionally, the process includes discussion and documentation of technical complexities and minutia, including edge cases, offline experiences, error messaging and external system integrations and dependencies.


The Functional Design document serves as the source of truth when working through web services, test cases, and user acceptance testing by answering these questions:

  • What is the goal of the function, feature, or product?
  • How does it meet the needs of the user?
  • Is it the simplest solution?
  • How will the user know if it’s working?

Keeping the users’ needs front and center, our experienced, cross-functional team of strategists, technologists, designers, and data experts works with your organization to ensure alignment with key business drivers and solutions that grow and scale with your company.

Engineering Blueprints

Creating an effective design and plan for your technology initiative is like navigating a complex map, with many possible routes and decision points along the journey. Additional complexity is created by an ever-changing landscape that is shifting as you progress.


At Anexinet, we work collaboratively with our clients and apply multi-dimensional analysis to design a modern technology vision and roadmap. Our engineering blueprints illuminate the the intersections formed by multiple design aspects – from creative to technical. We incorporate business drivers, functional design, security concerns, compliance requirements, performance and scale demands, support considerations and much more. We then assemble the pieces to form a clear and defensible plan.


Our technical team combines innovative thinking with pragmatic experience. We’ll help you navigate the latest patterns and practices, such as event-driven architecture and microservices design, and craft a blueprint that best aligns with your unique needs. Our process includes a holistic assessment of your technical ecosystem – from development tools to enabling infrastructure and everything in between.


Your technology foundation is a critical enabler of competitive advantage. Partner with Anexinet to create engineering blueprints that will establish a path for success.

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