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Storage Health Check

How prepared is your storage infrastructure to handle a flood of data? If you don’t know the answer, you’re putting your organization at risk.

Does your IT storage infrastructure support your business goals, projects, and applications? To find out, you may need a storage health check. Watch this video to learn more.

How we help:

Anexinet’s Enterprise Storage Health-Check provides a comprehensive review of your storage landscape, and support for up to two Dell/EMC, Hitachi, HPE, IBM, and NetApp arrays, including performance, capacity, analytics tools, and applications. We provide personal consultation to discuss your Health-Check results and their impact on your storage environment, business goals, projects, and applications.

Our Approach

Our proven approach yields a successful Storage Health-Check, typically over a two-day period (excluding data-collection):

Our Process

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Current State Analysis & Data Collection

We start by analyzing your organization’s systems landscape and key business processes to develop a thorough understanding of your storage objectives and challenges. Next, we explore your existing data assets and analytics capabilities along with their associated owners and stakeholders. Lastly, we review your arrays, gather the necessary logs, and interview key personnel.

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Performance & Capacity Evaluation

This step assesses your array’s IOPS, Latency, and Front- and Back-end Performance for any potential issues. Additionally, we review array disk assets, Logical Unit Number (LUN) Skew, and top LUN and Host Clients, and examine your Workload Profile. Lastly, our Capacity Evaluation includes Array, Disk Group/Storage Pool, THIN vs THICK provision, and Top Client consumption, along with a Sizing Profile and Trending/Growth Projections review.

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Findings & Next Steps

Here, we review our findings, and discuss how any issues impact your business goals and ongoing/future projects. Finally, we review our Health-Check recommendations with owners and stakeholders, and discuss your most appropriate evaluation and remediation next steps.

Better Understand Your Storage Environment with a:


Health Check Report

  • Current State Analysis
  • Key Stakeholder Interview Findings
  • Performance Evaluation Findings Data
  • Capacity Evaluation Findings Data

Next-Step Recommendations

  • Issues, Challenges and Solutions
  • Business-Goal Impact
  • Ongoing/Future Project Impact
  • Trends & Growth Projections