Data Center

Data Center


Modernizing your underlying infrastructure is critical to ensure your organization keeps pace with the rapid evolution of digital application capabilities, along with the explosive demand for big data analytics. Anexinet takes a pragmatic approach to fulfilling our customers’ Data Center Modernization needs. We provide a broad range of private, public and hybrid IT solutions to maintain competitive advantage and keep you ahead of business demand.

Through data center modernization, Anexinet helps clients develop new and innovative offerings at a rate today’s consumers expect. Further, we enable the rapid scaling of IT teams to meet ever-evolving business demands, accelerate time to market, enhance competitive advantage, and ensure a superior customer experience.

Data Center Modernization

Anexinet turns legacy Data Centers into solutions that deliver the speed and innovation needed to thrive in today’s digital economy. Our data center modernization architects and engineers identify, deploy, and verify the ideal hardware, software, and as-a-service elements to transform your legacy, siloed architectures into a cohesive, software-designed virtual environment.

Whether your organization is operating an on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environment, our Data Center Modernization experts will transform your inflexible, hard-to-scale, tough-to-deploy data center into an agile, highly virtualized, cloud-connected, service-oriented infrastructure that enhances your competitive edge by easily scaling to meet evolving need. Anexinet’s consultants and engineers have deep experience integrating the latest technologies in:

  • Enterprise Servers
  • Enterprise Storage
  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure
  • Software Defined & Cloud Connected
  • HPC & Big Data Platforms

Enterprise Servers

As the foundation for private and hybrid cloud solutions, Composable infrastructure liberates your compute, storage, and networking resources from physical demands so they may be managed via software, making data center resources as available and accessible as cloud services. Unlike traditional infrastructure, which increases the cost and complexity of your data center by requiring physical servers and custom storage and networking solutions, along with additional infrastructure silos to support workloads, Composable Infrastructure meets the needs of any application while eliminating workload‐specific environments by providing a fluid resource set. Further, Composable Infrastructure maximizes application performance, reducing underutilization and over-provisioning to make your data center more agile and cost-effective.

Anexinet enables your IT team to provision on-premises infrastructure as quickly and easily as public cloud resources by maintaining your physical, virtual, and container-based workloads, all from a single environment.

  • Streamline Projects: Accelerate application and service delivery and eliminate legacy data center delays.
  • Drive Growth: Enable IT and the underlying infrastructure to drive growth and new opportunities.
  • Generate Revenue: Reduce capital expenditure and free-up resources with a single cohesive, fluid infrastructure.
  • Boost Productivity: Reduce operational effort and cost by eliminating the need for multiple silos.
  • Unlock Value: Support traditional applications while providing native support for new apps and services.
  • Consolidate and Automate: Integrate and automate infrastructure operations and applications via a unified application programming interface (API).

Enterprise Storage

Capacity isn’t the only storage concern for modern enterprises. Digital transformation initiatives have redefined how businesses approach their infrastructure, creating a surge of demand in cloud computing. Today’s applications and deployments are dependent on highly available and responsive database solutions that transmit real-time information on-demand. But as more technology relies on the speed and availability of vast amounts of real-time data, the need for smarter storage options becomes more pressing.Aging infrastructure leads to slow response times, poor application performance, and other problems.

Organizations find they have limited options to reduce Cloud storage costs, as they’re locked into their current Cloud provider, and are unable to absorb downtime to migrate to a better solution. However, Intelligent Storage leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to create a responsive environment that automatically adapts to scaling storage needs. AI-enabled solutions learn and adapt to new demands in hybrid cloud environments, optimizing and enabling database resources across an entire infrastructure to provide the most efficient and cost-effective storage capacities and capabilities.

These AI algorithms handle advanced problem-solving scenarios in real-time that would otherwise take IT teams days or even weeks to diagnose and remedy. This efficiency in design gives back valuable resources to organizations looking to scale applications and services without costly downtime and other performance issues. Get the scalability, intelligence, and Cloud integration you need to unlock the value of your data, and accelerate critical workloads from core to edge to Cloud while decreasing application outages and reducing storage requirements with advanced deduplication.We partner with leading brands like Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), DellEMC, and Qumuloto deliver Intelligent Storage with unparalleled flexibility to meet the demand for faster, more reliable solutions:


HPE Cloud Volumes is an intelligent elastic block-storage service for provisioning Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure instances. HPE Cloud Volumes makes adopting a hybrid cloud solution reliable, efficient and seamless, helping secure and simplify the movement of enterprise data between clouds and on-premises.



HPE Nimble elevates your storage with an intelligent, self-managing platform that unlocks IT agility, ensures apps are always-on and always-fast, and extends across hybrid cloud. Unlock your data’s potential with autonomous, predictive flash storage that’s cloud-ready and boasts 99.99+% Availability. Used with Intelligent Storage solutions like HPE Nimble, HPE InfoSight manages data center performance and uptime. InfoSight offers a proactive AI-driven solution for preventing infrastructure issues before they occur, transforming traditional IT models into self-managed, self-healing enterprise environments.


The Dell EMC Isilon OneFS operating system provides the intelligence behind Dell EMC Isilon scale-out NAS storage solutions. OneFS’s powerful features and capabilities optimize and simplify data storage at the core of every AI workflow.


Finding the right storage solutions for your everyday operations and maximizing value requires the right partner. Even businesses that have, upgraded piecemeal find their disparate systems are unable to interface with each other, taxing IT with more hands-on management. Anexinet provides the best holistic IT solutions, expertise, opportunities and pricing that enable your business to eliminate complexity, future proof your infrastructure and reduce costs.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Simplify your Datacenter operations with a modern Hyperconverged Infrastructure. HCI eliminates dependency on proprietary hardware by virtualizing conventional (hardware-defined) systems with a 100% software-defined IT infrastructure.

Replace individual servers, storage arrays and networks to yield an agile, flexible, and simplified datacenter that allows your IT team to start small and scale with increasing demand through the addition of new nodes.Since both the storage area network and underlying storage abstractions of an HCI are implemented virtually—through a software hypervisor—versus physically, with hardware, resource management may be merged across all instances of the infrastructure.

Anexinet experts help evaluate, select and implement the right solution for your organization.

Software-Defined & Cloud-Connected

The drive to improve IT agility is spurring organizations to explore new data center architectures. Organizations need to accelerate delivery of technology services while retaining control over IT, minimizing complexity and reducing costs. Simply put, the processes for procuring and deploying traditional infrastructure are too slow and cumbersome. Business groups and software developers can’t wait weeks or months for new physical infrastructure to be purchased and provisioned. To capitalize on changing marketplace conditions and meet customer expectations, teams need resources in hours or minutes.

The modern data center extends virtualization concepts such as abstraction, pooling, and automation to all data center resources and services to achieve service-oriented infrastructure. In a software-defined data center, “all elements of the infrastructure — networking, storage, CPU and security – are virtualized and delivered as a service.

Anexinet’s consultants bring together best-in-class virtualized compute, storage, and networking with comprehensive cloud management to provide a common operating environment that lets you rapidly run, manage, connect, and secure applications across data centers, clouds, and devices.

HPC & Big Data Platforms

Big Data insights enable faster and smarter decision-making. But yesterday’s data management technology can’t adequately scale to accommodate today’s Big Data. Enter: Big Data Platforms—a new product class that meets today’s requirements for scalability, performance, availability, and security.

Big data Platforms like Microsoft Azure are capable of processing massive volumes of multi-structured data and represent a sea change in the way organizations capture, store, and process data. The platforms comprise an ecosystem of components—from storage, servers, and databases to management, governance, administrative tools and BI data processing and analytic engines to support custom development, querying, and systems integration.

These enterprise-class IT platforms combine the features and capabilities of Big Data applications and utilities into a single solution to reduce overall complexity while delivering on-premises and/or cloud-based solutions and services.

Anexinet facilitates the development, deployment, and management of your Big Data infrastructures and environments through the implementation of a Big Data Platform.



Integrate Big Data with advanced, real-time analytics to enable proactive assessments that optimize cost and performance. (e.g. review inventory and predict fulfillment needs and potential backlogs via a live view of your supply chain).


Keep your data indefinitely with Hadoop and Spark technologies, and the cloud. End unnecessary cost tradeoffs and retain data to affordably meet regulatory and company standards.


Data Protection

What would a catastrophic data loss scenario look like at your business? An absolute worst nightmare, for example, might consist of entire data sets getting wiped from the company’s primary storage. Depending on how much data is lost, your business may have to start from the

Just as you would prepare for a natural disaster, your business needs to protect its data by implementing contingency plans. An enterprise backup system is one of the best ways to protect your company’s data from falling victim to chance. The need for enterprise-level data backup and storage has increased as technology has become more integrated into everyday operations.

Data archiving allows you to automate the storage of email and unstructured data, reduce backup windows, improve responsiveness to legal discovery, and manage information growth in accordance with your IT policies. Additionally, it can help to improve insight into your data to turn your file services into an asset instead of a data repository.