Managed Ransomware-Defense

Last year, reported ransomware attacks more than doubled from the previous year. And by the end of 2019, businesses were falling victim to ransomware every 14 seconds.

It’s easy to assume your business won’t be a target, or that you already have a rock-solid security infrastructure in place. But just recently, one of the nation’s largest cybersecurity insurance providers itself became the target of a data-stealing ransomware attack. So, the question you should be asking is “Are we sure our remote workforce is protected against the growing threat of ransomware??”

Data loss isn’t the only concern. Additional risks include:
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Lost business income

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Leaked corporate and personal data

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Lost productivity

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Reputation damage

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Fines and litigation

Why You Need to Ditch Traditional Ransomware Services

Attackers are deploying more sophisticated host-encrypted malware every day. Meanwhile, traditional ransomware service providers lock you into long-term contracts. This inflexible approach to network security leaves companies juggling defense and dollars at the expense of protecting digital assets.

Anexinet’s proven as-a-service approach offers month-to-month ransomware defense based on actual usage. With no annual commitment, companies can better reduce their network security costs by ratcheting services up or down as needs require.

What would you do if your critical files and data were held for ransom? A recent study found nearly half of all organizations hit by ransomware end up paying, even with no guarantee their data will be returned fully functional—or at all.

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Anexinet Protect Its Own Ransomware Services

Your ransomware protection is only as good as your provider’s ability to protect its network from attacks. To protect your digital assets, Anexinet has taken extra precautions such as the Cisco Umbrella for Managed Security Service Provider authorization.

Multi-Pronged Approach

Defending against ransomware takes a multi-pronged strategy aimed at prevention, spread restriction, and rapid remediation and recovery should a compromise occur.

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Engagement Process

Our proven Managed Ransomware-Defense Solution follows a comprehensive six-step process that includes policy development, infrastructure and device security, data protection, user training, vulnerability patching, and 24x7 monitoring.

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Policy Development

We begin by working with your team to understand your risks and to review all attack vectors, policies, processes and tools to develop comprehensive policies to define access needs.

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Infrastructure and Device Security

Industry-leading security tools enable layers of protection across attack vectors. Includes next- gen firewalls, advanced email/web security, DNS security, and advanced endpoint protection.

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Data Protection

We implement a properly functioning backup system with offline duplication of critical data to enable quick recovery following an attack.

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User Awareness Training

Thorough employee security awareness training to help end-users guard against compromise.

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Monitoring and Management

We manage all relevant systems 24x7x365 and provide automated alerts and immediate response to any detected concerns.

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Vulnerability Patching

Critical systems are routinely patched to minimize your attack surface.

Leverage the industry’s most-effective Cybersecurity Defense Solution in a comprehensive, fully managed package.

Minimize risk, eliminate the need for staff security experts, and enjoy a simple, as-a-service consumption model.