Ward off digital threats at every layer


In today’s environment, securing your infrastructure, applications, and data are top IT priorities. Because despite all their benefits, new technologies also introduce a greater risk of exposure by widening your overall attack surface. Using legacy, siloed and ineffective security products to defend against evolving threats, support new technologies and a new remote workforce, and ensure IT compliance is almost an impossible task. Implementing effective cybersecurity measures is more critical—and yet more challenging—than ever as attackers become more innovative, and legacy systems—and an expanded remote workforce—opens you up to more attacks.


More than providing peace of mind, Anexinet’s cybersecurity services and solutions fortify your business against future risks to prevent the loss of capital, brand, and customer-base that is so often the result of cyber-attacks. Our multi-layered approach helps you detect, prevent, respond and recover from security threats.


An organization’s people, processes, analytics, and technology must all complement each other to effectively defend against cyberattacks. Our cybersecurity approach offers layered, end-to-end protection across computers, networks, applications, solutions, and data.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

A great organizational cyber security program connects risk, regulations, people, process, and technology. Anexinet holistically assesses the client’s security and privacy program while ensuring relevant regulations and compliance requirements are adhered to. Our security program assessments deliver tailored, actionable recommendations to improve your security posture, reduce risk, and mitigate the impact of an incident.


Our approach to security assessments begins with documentation collection and analysis to review existing policies, standards, procedures, and architectures. This provides a foundational understanding of your current business needs, operational capabilities, and technology. We follow this with a series of workshops to gain further insight into your organization’s cyber risk and maturity goals. Finally, we provide detailed recommendations to support your short and long-term goals along with an Executive Briefing, Roadmap and Action Plan, Observations and GAP Analysis.


We offer many security program assessments, including:

  • Enterprise IT Risk Assessment
  • Security Program Assessment
  • Compliance Assessment(CIS, NIST, ISO, SOX, GLBA, FISMA, NYDFS, HIPAA)
  • IR Readiness Assessment
  • Active Directory Security Assessment
  • Mergers & Acquisition Risk Assessment
  • IAM Program Assessment
  • CISO Advisor


Ransomware is here to stay: The real-life impact of an attack

Threat Defense

Attackers deploy more sophisticated host-encrypted malware every day. How can you minimize your risk of an attack to avoid lost data, business, assets, productivity, and IP, plus leaked data, reputation damage, fines, and litigation?


Defending against these threats involves more than just a good backup strategy. Malware penetrates your organization in several nefarious ways, so reducing your risk requires an integrated effort that includes preventative actions and educating your team on how to act when ransomware strikes. To minimize your risk of ransomware, we help you prevent it where possible, detect breaches early, and contain them to limit damage by employing DNS-level security, email and endpoint security, NGFW/IPS, offline backup, incident response plans, and vulnerability-patching.


Together with our key security partners, we’ve developed a Managed Ransomware Defense solution that helps organizations of all sizes reduce their risk of malware and ransomware and ensure an effective attack response. Anexinet’s fast, effective, and comprehensive Ransomware Defense solution encompasses all defense pillars and includes best-in-class products, along with ongoing monitoring, administration, and reporting from our team of experts. In short, providing:

  • Updated Policies
  • Infrastructure & Device Security
  • Data Protection
  • User Awareness Training
  • Monitoring & Management
  • Vulnerability Patching

Anexinet’s optional as-a-service approach offers month-to-month ransomware defense based on actual usage. This service minimizes your risk of a Ransomware attack and infection, improves visibility and responsiveness, and eliminates the need to staff security experts by providing 24×7 monitoring and administration.


Additionally, we provide the following threat-related consulting services:

  • Threat Defense Architecture Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Threat Hunting

Identity & Access Management (IAM/PAM)

With a majority of security breaches resulting in the theft of privileged user credentials, modernizing your Identity and Privileged Access Management (IAM/PAM) Program should be a top priority. Managing digital identities via an IAM framework designed specifically for your business policies, processes, and technologies is vital to the security of critical assets. IAM enables control of user access to critical data and regulation of role-based user access to systems and networks by administrators. Not only does it play a critical role in your security plan, it also boosts productivity. Because forcing users to deal with cumbersome, non-synchronized processes to change and maintain passwords for multiple accounts is not only inefficient, but also introduces a security risk. Simply put, IAM efficiently verifies how businesses allow employees access to critical data and applications, per their roles. In addition, it allows access across infrastructures (cloud, on-premises, and hybrid) and devices (tablets, smartphones, and laptops).


Anexinet’s IAM approach guides your strategic direction, enabling your IAM Program to support technical, business, and process goals while accommodating future initiatives and providing a plan and business justification to transform and modernize your IAM Program. We assess the strengths and weaknesses of your IAM goals, policies, and processes, including Program Governance, Identity Repositories, Role-Based Access Control/Authorization, Audit/Accounting, Federation/SSO, Multi-Factor Authentication, Remote Access, Cloud/SaaS IM, User (De-)Provisioning, Privileged Account Management, and Self-Service—and implement remediation to alleviate any critical concerns.


Our IAM/PAM solutions can help:

  • Protect resources in the Cloud
  • Manage your increasingly distributed remote workforce
  • Simplify data-access
  • Create a centralized user directory
  • Minimize password fatigue

Identity & Access Management (IAM) Modernization Assessment

Since 80% of security breaches result in the theft of privileged user credentials, modernizing your Identity/Privileged Access Management (IAM & IPA) should be a top priority.


We’ll assess your IAM goals, policies, and processes to provide the strategic plan and business justification for strengthening, maturing and modernizing your Identity Management Program.

Infrastructure & Cloud Security

Historically organizations have seen Information Security as the responsibility of IT. Today, modern threats such as phishing, spearfishing, and ransomware emphasize that everyone has a part to play in keeping the organization secure. Many people within organizations do not understand the value of the data they have access to, let alone the ways this data is vulnerable to a malicious third party. For these reasons, Anexinet’s security approach involves more than just the baseline toolsets such as patching and firewalls. Anexinet’s Security Architecture Assessment can help an organization understand how well the current security tools have been architected to prevent today’s threats.


Today’s rapidly changing business environment presents a new set of IT infrastructure security challenges. Modernizing your infrastructure, includes planning, building, and implementing an end-to-end security solution. From an infrastructure standpoint, security is (and has always been) a key focus of everything we do. Anexinet has a full complement of IT professionals who can help implement the recommendations in any of the areas identified in the Report.


Reach out to us about our related Infrastructure Security services, such as:

  • Network Assessment
  • Security Architecture Assessment
  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • O365 Security Assessment
  • Managed Security Infrastructure
  • Security Solutions Recommendations & Deployment


Security Architecture Assessment

A series of in-person or remote workshops with key stakeholders ensures a comprehensive understanding of your existing security posture. Assessment results are analyzed and scored against industry standards in our final Recommendations Report, along with a roadmap for remediation.

Data & Application Security

Protecting your company’s data is a high-stakes challenge. Protect what matters most.


A security breach puts the reputation of your brand at stake. If you can’t keep your data safe, you become a brand risk. Most often, hackers target business-critical applications and data (e.g. financial data, designs, strategies and blueprints). The costs of remediation are significant, and include hidden costs like legal fees, regulatory fines, insurance premium hikes, investigations, and PR costs—all of which add up quickly after an attack. In fact, 29% of breached businesses lose revenue after an attack, with 38% reporting losses of 20% or greater.

Office 365 Data Security & Management

Security is a top concern for organizations using the cloud.


When it comes to managing your cloud resources, identity and access are key to security. Users access your organization’s resources from a myriad of devices, apps and locations. As a result, focusing solely on who can access a resource is no longer sufficient. To optimize the balance between security and productivity, an organization must also consider how each resource is accessed. Conditional Access, an Azure Active Directory capability bundled with a Premium license, addresses this need, enabling automated, condition-based access control.


Intune enhances this capability by adding mobile device compliance and mobile app management to the solution. Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution for maintaining productivity while protecting corporate data by controlling employee access to applications and data on virtually any platform or device. Intune is used to grant conditional access to the devices and apps that connect to your email and company resources.


Our Office 365 Data Security & Management Solutions:

  • Manage access to company data on workforce devices
  • Manage mobile workforce applications
  • Protect data by managing distribution and access
  • Ensure compliance with security requirements.
  • Integrate with Azure Info Protection and Active Directory for security, identity and access control.

Office 365 Data Security & Management Kickstart

Office 365 Data Security & Management Kickstart

Anexinet’s approach to Office 365 data security and management optimizes performance and ensures a successful Conditional Access Management plan when migrating to Office 365.


Our breadth of knowledge, experience, and industry partnerships have enabled us to fine-tune our approach to securing O365. Anexinet’s consultants guide you through the security lifecycle while avoiding potential pitfalls to guarantee a successful outcome.


Our Office 365 Data Security & Management Kickstart:

  • Assesses your Office 365 environment
  • Determines appropriate security settings, device versions, etc.
  • Reviews security requirements and standards
  • Defines Office 365 data protection and secure access rules for apps, PCs, mobile devices, and unmanaged devices
  • Establishes Office 365 device and app-based Conditional Access rules

Endpoint Security

Every desktop, laptop and server is a possible entry for a breach, leaving your data, customer information and intellectual property at risk. Endpoint Security protects your organization with intelligence-led protection, detection and response. An advanced endpoint security solution unifies device and endpoint protection, scans for security threats, and protects individual devices and endpoints, extending to those working remotely. This powerful protection leverages machine learning, next-generation antivirus, file-less malware and ransomware defenses, plus continuous file tracking to block threats before your business-critical data is compromised.


And since endpoint security is about more than just malware detection, we can add additional security analytics to provide greater visibility into other threats by monitoring user and endpoint behavior on and off the network. Protect insiders from threats—and prevent insiders from becoming threats—with a security platform that unifies visibility, enables automation, and strengthens your defenses across network, endpoints, cloud, and applications.


At Anexinet, we work with leading products from Cisco, Microsoft, Alert Logic and others to deliver comprehensive endpoint security solutions. Additionally, we provide monitoring, alerting, and management of these solutions to enable your organization to focus on other critical areas.

Detection & Response

Cyber attackers are sophisticated, well-organized, and use highly-targeted techniques that leave technology-only security strategies exposed. To detect and stop attackers, organizations need a comprehensive system that combines data, intelligence, algorithms, and analysts all working in concert. Anexinet’s Detection & Response solutions provide a multi-layered approach to using intelligence within your security organization. Combining threat feeds with your organizational context together with the operational intelligence of your environment allows us to proactively respond to an impending threat.


Anexinet’s Detection & Response solutions is the difference between informing your business and informing an appliance. Our Security Monitoring and Management services provide deep insights into your data, application, and infrastructure’s current security posture. Our proactive/reactive support, maintenance, and enhancements enable you to quickly stop and recover from an incident. Additionally, we provide daily scanning on billions of records and files for hacked credentials to help ensure your accounts and data are secured. You’ll be notified if your business’s credentials show up in our search or if any of your designated vendors report a breach.


Anexinet’s Detection & Response suite is comprised of industry-leading threat response and management tools that help our customers sleep at night. Knowing your assets are protected by the best names in the industry allows us to deliver our managed service package with confidence.


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