Customer Engagement

Eliminate the friction. Digitally engage customers across all channels.

Experience is everything. And everyone deserves a great one. Anexinet builds next-generation customer engagement experiences, brought to life with gorgeous design to support your intelligent, multi-channel applications. Let Anexinet create amazing, contextual digital experiences for your customers that deliver the services and information your users need the moment they need it, and keep them coming back time and time again.

Anexinet raises the bar for digital experiences. Our custom applications fuse innovative design with advanced technology and analytics to empower customers in amazing new ways.

· Gorgeous UI design facilitates emotional connection with your brand
· Responsive interfaces enable total flexibility of design and use
· Continuity of UI/UX for seamless use cross-device or cross-platform
· Contextual, intelligent UX provides interactions & data at just the right moment

Customer Engagement

Digital Solution Strategy

Anexinet builds next-generation customer engagement experiences, brought to life with gorgeous design to support your intelligent, multi-channel applications. We think of digital engagement as a set of services offered in simple and convenient ways across multiple interfaces or channels. Accomplishing this objective requires an integrated strategy across your organization. That’s why we offer a set of digital strategy tools and services to guide your organization on a path to success.

Customer engagement

When it comes to digital experiences, don’t settle for table stakes. Your customers and competition don’t!

CX Maturity Assessment Tool

See how your organization’s Customer Experience (CX) Maturity measures up with our new assessment tool!

Digital Solution Kickstart

Digital Solution Kickstart

Bring your best app ideas to
life in just three weeks.

Our Digital Solution Kickstart takes you from ideation to action plan in as little as three weeks.
Working together with our strategists, we’ll flesh-out and prioritize app ideas based on growth opportunities such as revenue generation, profitability and brand enhancement. Then we juxtapose the perceived value against potential restraints like infrastructure, risk and cost. The result is a Digital Solution Roadmap fine-tuned for maximum business benefit and user adoption.

80% of businesses believe they deliver a superior customer experience.
But only 8% of customers agree.

It’s time to eliminate the disconnect.
Let Anexinet get you to 100% through our proven Kickstart process.

Enterprise Architecture Modernization

Enterprise Architecture Modernization Kickstart

Adopt an Event-Driven Strategy
in just three weeks.

A huge dichotomy exists between today's business demand and the ways in which enterprise systems were traditionally built. Our Enterprise Architecture Modernization Kickstart helps you keep pace with today's complex, dynamic, real-time data demands through an event-driven approach.

Boost agility and maintain competitive edge by letting your backend infrastructure work for you, not against you. A modern, event-driven Enterprise Architecture offers reusability, maintainability, scalability, interoperability, and standardization, plus improved performance, security, efficiency, agility, and data quality—all while reducing cost.

Digital Modernization Image


Digital Modernization Starts With Your Enterprise Architecture

Get your architecture out of digital-transformation quicksand so you can deliver on your new digital strategy!

User Experience Design

Ensure a great digital experience

Reimagine legacy applications to drive digital transformation that propels your business forward. Today’s contextual applications deliver the vital info your customers need the moment they need it to keep users coming back time and time again.

Cloud and Hybrit IT Image

Time is the new currency

A significant disconnect exists between executive prioritization of improving time to service and the value consumers actually place on their time.

Factors driving customers’ willingness to try companies’ digital CX initiatives
Time Currency image

Source: IBM Institute for Business Value

Disaster Recovery as a Service Icon

Let’s speed things up! Our architects and designers will help craft a superior user experiences that enables customers to get things done faster and without frustration. No matter the challenge, Anexinet will update your application design or provide a complete redesign for new devices and platforms.

Whether you’re just getting started or want to expand your company’s portfolio, or need to update designs to provide new features or accommodate a new OS, Anexinet’s team of UI/UX designers and architects can do it all.

Our UX Design Process

First, we create an Interaction Flow Diagram (IFD): a detailed navigation map in-line with user stories and requirements. As part of this process, we explore and analyze any user feedback to unearth innovative use cases beyond the typical scenarios.

Next, we develop a set of wireframes (WFD). Think of these as application blueprints— detailed screen-by-screen diagrams that cover all use cases and functionality, address the layout and architecture of the interface, and describe UX-element behavior patterns (animation, responsiveness, sound, etc.

UX Design Proces

Our Errors, Exceptions and Validations (EEVA) document describes what’s left—all inline or popup error messaging, including offline-experience specifics and any other edge-case details. Once all these details have been worked out, we can begin the actual design. Our User Interface Document (UID) provides pixel-perfect mockups of the final design look and feel, reflecting any device-specific color schemes and native UI components.

Lastly, to streamline the transition to development, we build a set of Style Guides along with a Graphic UI DevKit. These standardize all UI elements across all screens (including fonts, colors, container styles, and layout, along with sizing and responsive layout variations), and ensure all assets and resources are appropriately optimized for their target device(s) and platform(s).

Multi-Channel Application Development

Cover the end-to-end customer journey.

The customer’s journey consists of a progression of touchpoints that together make up the customer experience. Similarly, a customer’s digital journey to complete a task often spans multiple channels.

“15 years ago, the average consumer typically used two touch-points when buying an item and only 7% regularly used more than four. Today consumers use an average of almost six touch points, with 50% regularly using more than four.”
- Marketing Week

Individual Touchpoints May Perform well even if the Overall Experience is Poor.

This obviously complicates matters, since user frustration at any one step can dramatically lower, or destroy,the quality of the overall experience.And in all likelihood, the poor experience is all your customers will remember:

“61% of customers are unable to easily switch from one channel to another when interacting with customer service. 91% say they should be able to pick up where they left off.”
-Aspect Software, Inc.

To accommodate this trend, successful digital leaders must offer customers a connected, consistent ecosystem of services across many channel—not just isolated applications.

Omni Channel Icon

Multi-channel development provides seamlessly connected services for customers, ensuring higher levels of customer satisfaction. But don’t take our word for it:

“Companies with the strongest omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers, as compared to 33% for companies with weak omni-channel strategies.”
- Aberdeen Group Inc.

In today’s world, the experience is the brand. A brand promise is worthless if the brand experience doesn’t deliver.

Anexinet enables your company to engage customers at each digital touchpoint through intelligent, contextual experiences that fuse innovative design with the latest technology and analytics.

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