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Connected Experiences Kickstart
Ensure your organization is delivering an amazing, connected ecosystem of multi-channel services and digital experiences and develop the perfect Digital Solution to get you well on your way to providing customers a truly superior experience across all channels. All in just three short weeks. More engaged customers start here.

Our 3-week kickstart will enable your organization to:

Begin to develop a true digital ecosystem.

Integrate your digital solution with established interfaces.

Complement your omni-channel approach to customer engagement.

Develop contextually intelligent applications.

Update digital offerings with the latest technology.

Our Approach

The Connected Experiences Kickstart follows four key steps, typically over a three-week period:

How it Works

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To maximize productivity and ensure the best results during our collaborative kickstart effort, our pre-kickoff activities include analyzing existing customer feedback, identifying market opportunities, analyzing the competition, reviewing current-state artifacts, and norming the team for success.

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Direction Setting

We start by developing a thorough understanding of the solution’s critical requirements: qualitative/quantitative business drivers, general themes and overarching vision. Then we confirm these business objectives with key stakeholders. Next, we explore market opportunities to identify industry trends, analyze the competitive landscape, and explore customer feedback and personas to unearth innovative use cases beyond the typical enterprise scenarios.

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In the second step of the Kickstart, our team uses Customer Journey Mapping and Use Case Analysis as input to ideation. Our Ideation and Concept Generation exercises prioritize business need based on process step and business driver. Next, each scenario is assigned a primary actor and value-driver, and is ranked on Business Impact, Organizational Readiness, and Ease of Implementation, and review a plan for future-state.

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Requirements & Analysis

This kickstart phase generates a catalog of features and/or services that show the most potential, explores their applicable delivery channels, analyzes their alignment with current initiatives, and begins to define (and phase) the digital prototype.

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Technical Considerations & Architecture

Every step of the way, our consultants keep in mind the requirements of your specific information architecture, including solution layers and components, data sources, service-layers, technology and toolset options, environmental and integration needs (and readiness), plus security and authentication considerations, and manageability and IT control—all the way up to ongoing monitoring and analytics.

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Prototype & Roadmap

In the final steps, we further refine our prototype, prioritizing the most highly-ranked modules—functionality that fosters innovation while maximizing business and customer value—and filter out any features that lack a high-level of organizational readiness in process, data, and implementation.Our prototype design and development process is rapid and robust. We work quickly through iterations of design, navigation, and UI/UX (creating user-flow diagrams, wireframes, style-guides, and design comps) before generating a working prototype visualization that quickly brings validity to your digital experience concepts.

Our Connected Experiences Roadmap is based on an alignment with your business drivers and objectives, and provides guidance in terms of the People, Process, Technology, Data Architecture, and Tools you’ll need to build the ‘real-deal’ app. Each Roadmap item is prioritized and the immediate (phase I) action plan includes scope, effort, budget, and a timeline/sprint plan.

What You’ll Get


Drivers & Opportunities

  • Business Drivers, Customer Needs
  • Current-State, Market Opportunity

Executive Readout

  • Implementation Cost Estimates and Timeline
  • Next-Step Recommendations
  • Readout Presentation Deck

Digital Design & Prototype

  • Design Comps
  • Wireframes
  • User-Flow Diagrams
  • Style-Guides
  • Interactive Prototype

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