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Optimize Your Omnichannel Contact Center Operations

Optimize Your Omnichannel Contact Center Operations

Anexinet’s Contact Center Strategy Kickstart helps maximize the full potential of your contact center.

Is your contact center missing the mark?

Most contact centers were created and maintained out of necessity without a prescribed vision as to their congruency with the business’ ultimate goals.

As a result, organization’s lacking a clear contact center strategy have challenges:

  • Enhancing customer experience
  • Incorporating omni-channel tactics
  • Improving employee experience
  • Ensuring security and compliance
  • Measuring performance
By reviewing the underlying contact center strategy is a critical, and a highly recommended, first step towards developing all other strategic moves.

Enhance your contact center strategy and achieve your goals

Anexinet’s Contact Center Strategy Kickstart provides a comprehensive review of your operational maturity to identify improvements so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Our Contact Center Strategy Kickstart helps:

We work with you to establish your contact center maturity in the following areas:

  • Align the contact center goals to the company vision and sales strategy
  • Identify areas to improve CX to protect and strengthen the brand
  • Ensure technology supports contact center strategy
  • Verify contact center security and compliance procedures meet governing standards
  • Establish the right performance measurements to achieve contact center objectives

We work with you to establish your contact center maturity compared to “like companies” in size, industry, and age across the following areas:


Review contact center goals and strategy to ensure methods and metrics align with the organization’s overall vision and mission.


Evaluate current contact center processes and procedures while protecting and enhancing the brand.


Examine all the contact center technology and integrations to validate best of breed outcomes.

Performance Measurement

Ensure existing contact center KPIs are the right performance metrics for the organization, eliminating unintended consequences.

Security & Compliance

Determine which governing bodies (HIPAA, PCI, SOC2, etc.) are required, and if additional scrutiny is recommended.

Our Process

Our proven three-step approach yields a successful contact center evaluation to improve strategy and operations.

Accelerate Your Contact Center Modernization

Upon completion of the kickstart, you’ll take away the following artifacts to hit the ground running.

Contact Center Maturity Report

Better understand the gaps that can leave you trailing the competition.

Operational Improvements and Technical Requirements

A comprehensive recommendation list that details exactly what’s needed to accomplish your plan.

Executive Summary Readout

Project timeline and next steps to identify and prepare your team for the ideal course of action at each phase.

Ready to maximize the full potential of your contact center?

Reach out to Anexinet to kickstart your Contact Center Strategy today!