Application Refresh

Provide the Experience Your Customers Expect

The “new normal” for businesses means fast-tracking transformation initiatives to meet expectations by streamlining digital processes and purchases. With customer expectations so high, refreshing your applications to ensure you continually deliver great experiences is more important than ever. To do so requires capturing and analyzing user feedback, understanding their behaviors, and refining your applications to deliver the value and interactions customers expect. If you don’t, you risk losing your customers to competitors that continually update their digital applications. Our Application Refresh kickstart rapidly refreshes your applications to help you leverage the latest technologies, eliminate issues introduced by new devices and systems, and provide the modern experience your customers expect. All in just three weeks.

The Application Refresh Kickstart focuses on the crucial elements of user experience design and app architecture to help you:

Further streamline internal processes
Resolve and prevent performance issues
Leverage the latest features (voice, chatbots, AR, AI/ML)
Provide info and interactions the moment users need them
Dramatically boost customer acquisition and loyalty
Enable personalized experiences via insights gleaned from user metrics
Increase employee productivity and delight

Our Process

Our Application Refresh Kickstart has been carefully crafted and includes a well-defined set of exercises. We tailor our approach as necessary to meet your unique needs and ensure success

How it Works

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Direction Setting & Requirements Definition

Through facilitated sessions we work with key stakeholders to understand your key business drivers, target users, and desired interactions for refreshing your application. In addition, we assess your existing application’s functionality, user interface/experience (UI/UX) and architecture, and review any customer feedback.

Key Activities:

  • Define Qualitative & Quantitative Business Drivers
  • Identify Target Users (Personas, Usage Patterns)
  • Identify Engagement Methods (Devices, Platforms)
  • Perform Application Analysis (UX, Functionality, Architecture)

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Assess, Conceptualize & Visualize

These ideation sessions discuss the competitive landscape, user-feedback, and industry influences. We use visual and interactive processes and tools to facilitate functionality-analysis and concept-generation beyond the current use cases and interactions. Ideas and use cases are grouped and conceptualized to establish the enhanced application’s requirements and scenarios. Finally, we meet with IT stakeholders to understand the technical considerations of supporting the application before bringing it all to life in an intuitive, clickable prototype.

Key Activities:

  • Facilitated ideation sessions
  • Define and prioritize use cases and scenarios
  • Generate a phased Enhancement Roadmap
  • Create UI/UX designs, diagrams, and wireframes
  • Determine all technical considerations
  • Develop a clickable prototype

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Recommendations & Next Steps

Based on our prototype and session-findings, we define and develop recommendations and an actionable plan that will guide the delivery of the application refresh. This includes the necessary resources and an estimated timeline for finalizing the application enhancements and delivery approach.

Key Activities:

  • Present the recommendations
  • Review the Actionable Plan
  • Conduct the Executive Readout
  • Demonstrate the clickable prototype(s)
  • Determine next steps

What you’ll get

Upon completion of this Kickstart you’ll take away the following artifacts:


Application Refresh Requirements

Articulates your organization’s vision for the application, delineates your business drivers, and defines your target users, desired interactions and user experiences.


Competitive Analysis

Assesses and ranks your application against top competitors based on key features, capabilities, and user feedback. Provides a visual snapshot of which competitors offer a more modern experience, possess potential advantages, and deliver greater value.


Architecture, Design & Usability Assessment

Evaluates your application’s UI/UX design, usability, features, performance and architecture, and identifies opportunities for improvement while ensuring the architecture can support all enhancements.


Application Roadmap

Catalogs all plausible uses ranked in a feature matrix that establishes viability and prioritizes functionality based on alignment with business drivers, organizational readiness, and ease of implementation, creating a roadmap.


UI/UX Design Artifacts

Establishes the design and assets required to create the user interface, experience and interactions: Interaction Flow Diagram, Wireframes, UI Screen Designs.


Clickable Prototypes

Enables visualization of real-life user scenarios and functionality via a clickable prototype that may be loaded and demonstrated on target devices.


Delivery Plan & Next Steps

This plan includes a detailed approach and budget that breaks down the enhancement-delivery process and provides key recommendations for improving the app’s architecture, usability and performance.