Connected Experiences

Connected Experiences

Re-imagine engagement across all touchpoints


It’s not just how you promote your brand or the functionalities and pricing of your products and services that make the biggest impact. Rather, it’s the interactions people have with your organization. Brand promises are worthless if the experiences you provide fail to meet expectations. What’s more, applications alone no longer cut it. Today’s customer journey consists of a progression of digital and physical touchpoints that span multiple channels. The problem is, user frustration at any one step will likely ruin the entire experience.


Engaging today’s customers and maximizing their satisfaction requires an integrated multi-channel development strategy across the organization. Anexinet’s strategy tools and services help you build an ecosystem of intuitive, consistent, seamlessly connected services across interfaces and channels.


End-to-end multi-channel enablement means frictionless, contextual digital experiences that deliver data and interactions the moment they’re needed. Accomplishing this requires a modern, distributed back-end architecture that supports real-time information flow and microservice-based access, along with intelligent front-end UI elements that are flexible enough to work flawlessly across channels.


Our full-stack solution for secure, high-performing interactions offers:

  • Intuitive front-end UI design
  • Amazing cross-channel customer and employee experiences
  • Modern, event-driven, real-time digital architecture
  • Microservices and workload-specific data platforms
  • End-to-end security
  • Automation, standardization, scalability, and agility
  • Future-proof technology that grows with your business

Discover & Define

Anexinet is a rare breed: a vendor that provides the best of both worlds by combining the demands of enterprise-level, cross-organizational research and discovery with award-winning, agency-level UX design. Anexinet goes above and beyond to ensure your solutions provide real value and meet the needs of employees, partners, and customers.


As a precursor to ideation, our competitive analysis explores the market, industry, and customer landscapes to facilitate discussion around how flagship features might be combined and improved upon in novel ways. Our strategic ideation process brings in not just management, but employees across the organization—at all levels—including those who actually perform the tasks you want to digitize and transform.


Our ethnographic Day in the Life research process goes one step further, revealing hidden pain points and workarounds firsthand. Strategists and designers fill the knowledge gap between workers and executives by shadowing your employees as they go about their daily tasks. Next, we consolidate the input from all parties into a path forward to build a solution that supports your specific business process and is guaranteed for success.


Finally, our social media monitoring tracks the dialogue and sentiments of those who matter most to provide a more intimate understanding of present and future customers—and a deeper appreciation of their needs—to inform your strategic direction and ensure your digital solutions only improve with time.

Design & Development

Anexinet helps you design and develop new applications, or reimagine legacy apps, to drive digital transformation, maintain competitive edge, and propel your business forward. Our dazzling, UI/UX design helps attract and retain users by providing contextual info and interactions the very moment they’re needed.


If your organization is just getting started, wants to expand a digital portfolio, or needs to update designs to enable new features or ensure OS compatibility with the latest OS, our team of UI/UX designers and technologists can do it all. We work collaboratively with your organization and tailor our proven methodology to best accommodate each unique engagement and ensure success.


The Anexinet team has decades of experience integrating digital applications with existing corporate data and ecosystems. Our process includes an objective technology vendor-assessment and our recommendations which take enterprise architecture considerations, data integration, and security into account. Development occurs in iterative app release sprints and includes support processes for development, test and production environments.


Our proven delivery frameworks follow the Agile methodology and utilizes best practices for the development, integration and delivery of your solutions.


Security and Protection of Privacy

Digital customer engagement with today’s technology landscape (e.g. IoT, public/private cloud, mobility) also brings a greater risk of exposure and attack. Further, attacker threats are increasingly common and complex—far beyond simple phishing ploys. As a result, organizations must become more aggressive at protecting sensitive data. Anexinet helps ensure all aspects of your digital engagement platforms are secure from end-to-end. This includes all aspects of DevSecOps, core infrastructure, cloud-based platforms, data security, intrusion prevention, and so much more.


An organizational risk management program connects people, process and technology to ward off threats at every technology layer. Our holistic approach to Risk Management, Application Security, Infrastructure Security, Physical Security, and Managed Security ensures no protection gaps are left behind, anywhere.


Forrester estimates 80% of security breaches result in the theft of privileged user credentials. Therefore, modernizing your Identity and Privileged Access (IPA) Management Program should be a priority. The security discipline of Identity and Access Management (IAM) determines who has access to what information, applications, and systems, over time, within an organization. Our Security consultants take a vendor-agnostic approach to Privileged Access Management (PAM). We work with you to determine your ideal security solution and create a POC to verify its effectiveness.


Let Anexinet ensure the strength of your IAM goals, policies, and processes, including Program Governance, Identity Repositories, Role-Based Access Control/Authorization, Audit/Accounting, Federation/SSO, Multi-Factor Authentication, Remote Access, Cloud/SaaS IM, User (De-)Provisioning, Privileged Account Management, and Self-Service.


Data & Analytics

It’s not enough to build applications that look great and function as designed. Today’s customers demand connected experiences that are smarter and more contextual than ever before. This highlights the importance of building modern data systems and advanced analytics into your digital platforms.


Make your data work for you by inspiring insights, informing decisions, and facilitating action. Building a connected experience for your customers requires you understand the behaviors, needs, and desires of those customers. Data-driven organizations that leverage analytics and insights from all channels are able to quickly adapt to the changing needs of their consumers and enable great digital experiences.


The raw data powering contextual experiences comes from a variety of disparate sources. These may include customer profile data, application usage, social media, call center activity and even contextual data such as current location, time and weather. Compiling and analyzing this information enables you to add value for customers in more intelligent ways. For example, your applications can feature a dynamic display of shortcuts with recommended actions or helpful suggestions based on context. Advanced analytics help you personalize customer experiences by de-emphasizing less meaningful actions while bringing popular or contextually important features to the forefront of the interface.


Anexinet helps you design and implement the modern data platforms essential to creating these differentiating experiences. We help you bring together data from different sources to create a single version of the truth for analysis and action. This enables more intelligent connected experiences that improve customer satisfaction and engagement.
Let our consultants transform your company into a data-driven decision-making organization to reduce operational costs, increase revenue and mitigate risk.


Our omni-channel analytics solutions analyze unstructured data, generate insights, and facilitate action by consolidating customer channels into one central view. Additionally, our Social Data Analysis deepens your appreciation for consumer need and helps you understand how customers really feel about your brand, products, services and competitors.

Digital Experience Platform Strategy

Connecting with customers today and meeting their expectations requires a holistic strategy and a highly integrated Digital Experience Platform (DXP).


The pace of transition towards the all-digital customer has accelerated significantly over the last several years. Many customers still struggle to digitize business operations, deliver connected customer experiences, and gather actionable customer insights across multi-experience customer journeys. Delivering great customer experiences requires not only delivering content to websites, mobile apps, email, social platforms, IoT devices, and more, but connecting the experiences across all these touch points.


Over the last several years, integrated solutions have emerged from many vendors to address these challenges, typically referred to as Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs). In many instances, these platforms started out as evolutions of existing Content Management Systems (CMS) and Web Content Management (WCM) systems used to deliver rich user interfaces for corporate marketing and commerce systems. While facilitating user interactions is a key element of DXPs, their true value is in the data and analytics that power more intelligent and personalized experiences across the entire journey.


To stay competitive today, organizations need to have the ability to not only “speak” to the customer through engaging interfaces and robust content, but also to “listen” through continuous data collection and advanced analytics. Data forms the heart of the DXP architecture, shaping the customer’s journey by providing context, personalization, and analytics to drive the overall experience.


At Anexinet, we believe a modern DXP is essential to powering the connected experiences that today’s customers expect. Our partnerships with leading DXP providers such as Adobe and Salesforce, combined with our deep expertise and end-to-end capabilities can accelerate your journey to becoming a leading business experience company.

Digital Experience Platform Strategy Kickstart

Provide the consistent, connected experiences customers expect. Develop the ideal strategy to guide the development of your Digital Experience Platform in just three weeks. Our strategic kickstart process assesses existing maturity, defines business value, estimates ROI, and identifies gaps to ensure success.