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Every business wants to reduce operational costs, improve operations, and boost revenue—adopting the cloud is a great way to make this happen. However, important issues must first be addressed, including security, cost, management, and performance. Additionally, businesses may not even know what type of cloud best suits their needs. Public Cloud? Private Cloud? Hybrid? Anexinet’s Cloud Kickstart addresses these concerns by helping organizations develop a strategic approach to cloud adoption.

Anexinet’s Cloud Architects focus on understanding your business and technical requirements to develop an ideal cloud migration strategy—one that provides appropriate governance and security while ensuring workloads are precisely placed to drive success. We consider your organization’s unique needs, assess your ecosystem across nine criteria, and provide actionable recommendations to align your cloud environment with today’s best practices.

Anexinet knows that the cloud journey doesn’t stop after migrations are complete, which is why we will also leave you with recommendations around monitoring and management of whatever cloud deployment is right for you. Receive options for managing your cloud services through valued partnerships such as HPE Greenlake. This type of management console helps increase visibility into your cloud deployments to manage users, recognize trends, and eliminate costly overprovisioning.

Our Cloud Strategy Kickstart will:

Assess your existing environment for readiness and dependencies
Analyze the maturity of your current cloud
Determine your business and technical priorities and requirements
Prepare your strategy for cloud adoption
Develop a cloud roadmap for moving your adoption strategy forward

Our Process

Our proven three-step approach yields a successful Cloud Adoption Strategy, typically over a two-week period:

Cloud Strategy Our Process chart

How it Works

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Current Environment Assessment

The initial Kickstart steps evaluate your company’s current environment and workloads and gauges your technical maturity across nine categories (automation, performance, facilities, network, cost, security, governance, planning, and operations) as it applies to applications, infrastructure, data centers, and existing cloud accounts. Next, we run automated data collection to analyze your dependencies, gauge your readiness for migration, and detect and measure the impact to any affected applications. This data is compiled into the Environment Assessment Report.

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Requirements Gathering

In the next steps, our Cloud Architects interview key business and technical stakeholders to determine the priorities and requirements that must be met by the cloud adoption effort. Technical workshops determine your core cloud requirements, including platform features, security/monitoring, and operations/automation; while business workshops discuss business drivers and initiatives, governance, compliance, resources, and training. The findings from these sessions are documented in a Cloud Maturity Matrix and help determine the direction of the Cloud Strategy Roadmap.

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Strategy Roadmap & Recommendations

Based on our Kickstart findings, the Cloud Strategy Roadmap aligns with your business requirements and defines a plan for future-state. Further, the Strategy Roadmap prioritizes recommended actions, maps out dependencies, and assigns actors to facilitate the development of your high-level project plan to ensure completion of recommended goals. These actions are grouped into projects and a recommended timeline is provided for critical items. Lastly, each Roadmap item is flagged and categorized as “Required,” “Short/Mid/Long-Term” or “Future.”

What You’ll Receive

Accelerate your cloud adoption and get started on the next phase of your journey with a(n):

Environment Assessment Report
Complete Cloud Maturity Matrix
Cloud Strategy Roadmap
High-Level Project Plan

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