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Bright Horizons Back-Up Care

Goes Mobile with Anexinet Application

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The Challenge

Bright Horizons Family Solutions® is the foremost brick-and-mortar provider of early education and preschools, employer-sponsored childcare, back-up care, educational advisory services, and work and life solutions. The company collaborates with more than 1,100 employers worldwide to build family-friendly workplaces to support today’s working parents.In addition to its full-service child care centers, Bright Horizons works with companies to provide back-up care services, which parents can leverage if their regular child care needs to be supplemented. This service offers employees a safety net when unforeseen circumstances prompt unscheduled childcare needs.To utilize this safety-net service, parents reserve care by contacting Bright Horizons’ 24×7 call center, or by visiting their website. Frantically visiting a website or filling out forms on a phone is a cumbersome process at best, particularly given the ease of requesting service through a mobile app. Since Bright Horizons lacked any mobile application development experience, they turned to Anexinet, whose proven expertise in mobile strategy and solutions has made them an industry leader.

Anexinet began by conducting user story workshops to determine how most individuals would engage with the mobile application. We quickly discovered users were likely to take several different paths when making back-up care reservations. Anexinet determined that it made more sense to focus on addressing the users’ most critical need—booking reservations—rather than try to squeeze all of the ‘bells and whistles’ into the first version of the app.

“Since our users are working parents who are rushing around from meeting to meeting, we wanted to simplify the reservation process and make it a quick and easy task to check off their list. Anexinet was critical to helping us understand how different scenarios would be represented in the mobile app. We knew this was the number one, most impactful area to focus on first.”

—Andrew Williams
Director of Product Management, Bright Horizons

Initially, Bright Horizons was concerned about how many reservations the app would be able to handle. However, after diving into the analytics, they realized people were using the app for reasons other than just making reservations. Many users were double-checking the application to confirm their reservation, cancel a reservation, or review their profile information. To complicate matters, application use was much broader than originally anticipated, and the requested features needed to be tied into the legacy platform, with the flexibility to pivot to the new design platform already under construction.Anexinet ensured the initial mobile application elegantly handled every criteria.

The Results

When first introduced, fewer than 1% of reservations were made via the new mobile application, but growth came quickly.

“Now we lead with our mobile application and a QR code so users can easily download it right at work,” Williams said.”

—Andrew Williams
Director of Product Management, Bright Horizons

Today, Bright Horizons’ mobile app users can input just about any information needed to build a complete customer profile. New dynamic features have also been added, such as the ability to copy and edit reservations, Touch ID for thumbprint authentication, GPS to get directions to the closest childcare center, and medical-form scanning and submission.Anexinet knows the success of its clients’ mobile applications drives revenue and helps them achieve their business goals. The user-centric company takes an agnostic approach to user interactions in mobile applications and utilizes multiple entry-channels, along with native elements and modalities to create frictionless mobile experiences.

This application reduces frustration and friction and literally makes users’ lives easier by not forcing them to call or log-in to the computer. Our customer interactions are seamless because Anexinet focused on making the mobile application as easy as possible to use.”

— Andrew Williams
Director of Product Management, Bright Horizons