Omni-Channel Customer Analytics Webinar

Anexinet Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail practice helps food, beverage, personal care and household products companies uncover new opportunities for growth and reduce operating costs by 18%+.

Anexinet Omni-Channel Analytics can help your company better understand your customer by consolidating interaction channels such as contact center voice data, social media, chat, text, email, CRM and sales data. If buyer loyalty is important to your business, let us help you improve your customer experience and raise your NPS (Net Promoter Score) by 15-20%.

Who benefits from this webinar?

Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers can all benefit from a 360-degree view of their customers and learn where the gaps are in quality control and customer service, logistics, and supply chain. Join us for a webinar and see how Anexinet’s Omni-Channel Analytics service for consumer packaged goods & retail companies is a strategic source for valuable insight.
Learn how to:
  • Analyze consumer insights to identify trends
  • Provide context around all contact interaction
  • Identify opportunities for agent coaching
  • Automate risk monitoring and compliance
  • Measure contact center customer experience (CSAT/NPS

Learn how to improve your organization’s customer experience through advanced analytics. Check out our Anexinet Omni-Channel Analytics Webinar now »

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