AWS Speaker Series: Michael Golub from Anexinet: SageMaker in Action


* Warmup: Leverage AWS to Connect Resumes to Jobs in Philadelphia
* PhillyTalent: Reviewing what we have built so far at LAN2018
* Speaker Series Intro
* Michael Golub/Anexinet: Leveraging SageMaker in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

About Our Speaker:

Michael Golub – Anexinet
Senior Vice President of Analytics and Machine Learning.

As Anexinet’s Senior Vice President of Analytics and Machine Learning, Michael oversees the innovation and delivery of Anexinet’s Analytics offerings to empower and modernize customers with systems of insight for competitive advantage. Michael has been leading enterprise modernization efforts for over 25 years, with a focus on applying emerging technologies and methodologies to strategic business initiatives.

Title of the Talk: Leveraging SageMaker in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The talk will kick off with sharing the type of Jupyter notebook that is in use at Anexinet to both design development solutions as well as attracts prospects featuring a rich mix of code, commentary and visualization. The example of the evening will be a pharma solution involving NLP to detect adverse events. Discussion points will include requirements definition, data science pipeline, data availability, hidden costs such as labelling, visualizations, algorithm selection, hyperparameter tuning and the glories of SageMaker approaches.

This would be our first Speaker session, LAN would have a Live session – will email links to members later. Attendees will have access to LAN workspaces for the entire session. If you are planning on coming please RSVP – I will message you the Login instructions.

See Github for the following:

* SageMaker PhillyTalent Notebooks ExA
* A review of Startups Statistics in Philadelphia: Data Scraping
* Few examples of “Match Making” startups for Resumes

Want to read more about LAN?

This group meeting is also from **Speaker Series** where certified engineers, product managers, product designers from various local startups and consulting firms present at LAN. The format of the presentation is a five-minute introduction followed by a 15-minute presentation and a Q&A. I would share the Speakers details before the event as soon as it’s confirmed. Some of our speakers come from out of town and there are different arrangements that need to be in place and simply takes time while at the same time LAN events should be announced as soon as possible for members. We will have a quicker turn-around on our Speaker announcements in 2019!

For Who:

This session is will have a speaker section so please pay attention to the comment section. Also, I’m starting to ask members to RSVP at LAN Eventbrite page also. Many members had a hard time keeping track of their notifications and event updates in the past and I hope this helps LAN members to stay in touch without getting too many notifications. This event would be a combination of product design and data pipeline review and we can dive into technical AWS configuration topics for anyone interested. Also, either of the following groups should find the sessions useful:

Researchers and Professionals from Technical backgrounds in Data Engineering, Statistics or Computer Science background

Secondly, the future talents that are coming from a diverse background, technically or ethnically, and are willing to re-generate the results and learn-by-doing. This is the best way that I know to learn Data Science.

Finally, Technical Recruiters and Marketing Guru who would like to learn about Streaming Learning and the few key players in the field.

[The slides will be uploaded on here after the session.](

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