Automation Bot Refactoring

Automation Bot Refactoring

Gain insight into your RPA processes to prevent vulnerabilities, eliminate failures, and accelerate your bot migration
Many organizations have embraced robotic process automation (RPA) as a mechanism to automate numerous front-office and back-office processes. The adoption of RPA has morphed into the implementation of hundreds/thousands of automated processes. These automated processes often depend on very stringent application dependencies and/or RPA toolset versioning. If the application stack changes, any dependent RPA processes will halt. This halt can have a tremendous impact on organizational and operational efficiency felt across all business segments.

Anexinet’s Automation Bot Refactoring Kickstart solves this challenge by providing insight into an organization’s existing RPA processes and associated dependencies. Additionally, we also deliver a roadmap to assist with RPA migrations to newer versions of existing RPA software structures to prevent vulnerabilities and failures.

The Automation Bot Refactoring Kickstart is a proven process that helps organizations identify their current RPA deployed processes. Once identified, each process is analyzed for dependencies and best practice development. Additionally, each RPA process is evaluated for migration viability and if deficient, what refactoring mitigation steps are required for migration. During this analysis, Anexinet will also identify any manual organizational processes which will benefit from RPA and time it would take to implement.

Our Kickstart will enable your organization to:

  • Gain insight into existing RPA processes and bot dependencies
  • Identify and eliminate vulnerabilities and single points of failure
  • Discover other business processes that could benefit for RPA
  • Accelerate RPA bot migration
  • Improve overall ROI

Our Approach

Our proven three-step approach yields a successful Automation Bot Refactoring Strategy & Roadmap:

How it Works

  • Group 13

    Strategy Alignment

    We start by meeting with your key stakeholders to understand and define business drivers and current RPA strategy regarding existing modules, implementation, and single points of failure to define consumption patterns and operational needs.

  • Group 19

    Solutions Validation

    Next, we review your current RPA process and architecture, identify any potential gaps and risks in the current direction, perform ideation of additional opportunities, and discuss technical considerations and options.

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    Recommendations and Next Steps

    Based on our findings, we develop a strategy and an actionable plan that will guide the delivery of the automation bot refactoring. This includes the necessary resources and an estimated timeline for finalizing the remediation and delivery approach.

You'll Receive

Upon completion of this Kickstart you’ll take away the following artifacts:

Findings and Recommendations

Remediation for legacy RPA bots


Phase Roadmap for Migration

Near-term initiatives identification

Executive Summary Readout

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