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Transform your hybrid workforce with innovative tools and automation

Customers don’t just buy products and services; they expect to have a good brand experience. Good customer experience goes hand in hand with employee experience and the tools that they use to successfully complete their tasks. Enable your employees with the right tools and processes and incorporate automation into your business. Apply your employees’ unique talents on value-add activities instead of repetitive, time-consuming, error-prone tasks.


Navigating the new workplace requires embracing a design-thinking, innovative approach. Advancements in AI, robotic process automation and software-defined everything are accelerating business demand for a variety of automation scenarios. At Anexinet, we take an end-to-end approach to enable your employees and automate your systems and processes. Our predictive, highly intelligent hyper-automation solutions transform customer experiences, legacy processes, data centers, infrastructure, and operations – saving your customers’ time, accelerating the completion of employees’ tasks, and avoiding costly mistakes and delays. Our patent-pending IT Process Automation solutions for infrastructure management, application integration, workload deployment, and more are custom-tailored to each client’s specific needs. Learn more about our:

Employee Experiences & Enablement

What does the Future of Work mean to you? The relationship between your customers, your employees, and your brand is everything. Reimagine what’s possible in the workplace—and how to chart the strongest path forward for your organization.


At Anexinet we help you leverage modern digital applications and tools to securely connect and enable your employees – wherever they are, to improve customer engagement, productivity, collaboration, overall retention. Learn more about our employee enablement solutions.

Customer & Business Process Automation

Automate customer facing, and back-end business processes that are traditionally error-prone, manual, or steal time away from your employees.
When it comes to helping clients accelerate the transformation of their customer experience, Anexinet is at the forefront. We offer strategy, design, implementation, and ongoing managed services for customer-facing automation. Our cognitive AI and front-office automation solutions achieve measurable business benefits, including higher customer-satisfaction scores, increased operational-efficiency, and cost optimization.

Anexinet’s Customer & Business Process Solutions

As customer interactions continue to become digital experiences, innovative brands are rethinking what constitutes great customer service. By deploying AI-enabled automation in customer-facing scenarios, companies can achieve the dual benefits of offering customers more flexibility while scaling their operations.

Infrastructure Orchestration with Event-Driven Automation

Tap into the power of infrastructure automation to streamline workflows, reduce costs, increase business agility, and empower your IT team to spend more of their time delivering value to the business.


We leverage industry-leading automation solutions, like Ansible, Packer, Terraform, vRealize, Automation Anywhere and more, to deliver solutions that reduce costs, increase agility, and enable your IT team to stay focused on what truly matters for your organization. From on-prem to cloud, we have deep expertise automating infrastructure from end-user devices to back-end compute, network, and storage technology, including:

Infrastructure Maintenance & Security Automation

Automate firmware, bios, and driver updates, as well as manage security vulnerabilities within your infrastructure so they cannot be exploited.
At Anexinet we help configure IT assets daily to leverage efficiencies – i.e. scaling up compute, moving between public & private, reducing production storage. We accelerate the deployment of entire application stacks, business workloads, DevOps solutions, and CI/CD s by fully automating bare metal to production-ready ecosystems. And, our API-capable automation systems simplify: security patching, firmware updates, and balancing of workloads.

Anexinet’s Maintenance & Security Automation Solutions

Leverage the power of automation to control the hardware, software, and human components in your business. Learn more how we help you with:
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Automation and the art of the possible

Let us help you leverage the power and potential of automation to deliver outcomes faster and more efficiently throughout your organization. Contact us to learn more how we can help you automate: