Anexinet + Veristor

Atlantic Research Group

Atlantic Research Group (ARG) is an established North American full-service contract research organization headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, providing SaaS-based services to help researchers manage and understand the clinical trial process. The developers of the SaaS tools had been struggling with desktop-based development tools being behind the times. Anexinet was able to help ARG migrate their workload to Amazon WorkSpaces, which enabled them to control costs, centrally manage and deploy virtual desktops, enhance IAM and application security, and ensure that ARG developers were working with the most cutting-edge tools available.

The Challenge

ARG was looking to better manage, scale, secure and deploy its SAS software to foreign developers who were running it locally on their machines as a Windows Desktop virtual machine via VMware Workstation. ARG was also looking to deploy and implement a new platform called AppBus to the desktop and into the cloud for process automation and to connect three systems together.ARG needed a solution that would best address this challenge while keeping operational costs down.

Why Amazon WorkSpaces

To realize the goal of deploying cutting-edge apps to their workforce, ARG decided to use Amazon WorkSpaces.

Amazon WorkSpaces is a secure, mature, and easily managed Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution that runs on AWS in 13 different regions. ARG’s workforce is very diverse, geographically, and WorkSpaces allows users the same experience and application availability. With Amazon WorkSpaces users across the globe can connect to and interact with a full Windows desktop in an agile, secure and cost-effective way.

Why Anexinet

ARG chose to work with Anexinet, a consulting partner with the Amazon Partner Network (APN) because Anexinet understood the importance of providing innovative solutions to overcome End User Computing challenges. Anexinet’s engineers are well versed in VDI concepts and tools as well as how best to leverage the power of the AWS Cloud. By combining these two resources, Anexinet was able to propose a solution that satisfied all of ARG’s requirements.

The Solution

ARG’s design spans the AWS US East Northern Virginia region, and uses a dedicated VPC and routing table for Amazon WorkSpaces in a Multi Availability Zone deployment. The AppBus components use recommended EC2 instances, AWS RDS for the database engine, a separate VPC and a VPC peering connection that enables both VPCs to route traffic. All VPC and subnet sizing were based on recommendations derived from industry best practices. The design also entails the use of Simple Active Directory to store and manage information to WorkSpace end users.

The Company

ARG is an oncology, immunology, rare and neurodegenerative disease-focused contract research organization that provides comprehensive clinical program development services ranging from pre-launch consulting to commercialization. Founded in 2004 with the vision that every project should be highly individualized and visible, ARG has experienced consistent growth across the globe, expanding their reach to include drug and device strategic consulting, clinical trial management services, and clinical data and analytic solutions. ARG is a disrupter, using first-in-class technology platforms along with relationship-driven flexibility to optimize clinical studies because they believe everyone deserves to be well.