Conversational AI Strategy & Roadmap

Achieve Greater Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Businesses across all industries realize the criticality of automating their Customer Service yet are constrained by resources and legacy technology. Conversational AI is the solution. Ensure your organization provides consistently amazing Customer Service while maximizing employee efficiency via omni-channel Conversational AI. Develop the perfect Customer Service Automation solution strategy to transform your business into a first-class customer experience organization. All in just three short weeks.

Our 3-week kickstart helps your organization:

Improve operational efficiency while reducing costs

Enable digital business transformation at scale

Integrate Conversational AI with current systems

Gain visibility to costs and performance trade-offs

Automate customer service via Conversational, Cognitive AI

Our Approach

Our proven three-step approach yields a successful Conversational AI Strategy & Roadmap, typically over a three-week period:

Our Process

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Direction Setting & Requirements Gathering

We start by meeting with stakeholders to develop a thorough understanding of the client’s business drivers, target users, overarching vision, and critical requirements that will guide the direction, use and implementation of the Conversational AI. Next, we analyze which of the client’s existing customer service systems, challenges, pain points, and processes are appropriate for automation and Conversational AI. Finally, we explore the industry landscape to unearth market opportunities, competitive advantages and innovative use cases.

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Our second step uses Process Mapping and Use Case Analysis as inputs to ideation. Next, ideation and use case exercises prioritize business-need based on process steps and business drivers. As part of our plan for future-state, each scenario is assigned a primary actor and value-driver. These scenarios are then ranked on Business Impact, Organizational Readiness, and Ease of Implementation; this includes an assessment of stakeholder readiness and potential ROI.

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Pilot Design & Flow

This phase generates a catalog of key features, functionality and use cases that show the most potential, explores their applicable delivery channels, analyzes their alignment with current initiatives, and begins to define (and phase) the Conversational AI pilot and roadmap. We identify which processes should be included in the pilot and define the conversation-flow, along with detailed integration requirements.

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Technical Considerations & Solution Architecture

Our consultants assess the specific requirements of your existing technical environment, including integration architecture, source systems, solution layers and components, technology and toolset options, environmental and infrastructure requirements, plus security and compliance considerations, and manageability and IT control—all the way up to monitoring and analytics—to better understand how the Conversational AI solution will integrate with back-office and 3rd-party applications and systems.

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Recommendations & Roadmap

In the final steps, we further refine the pilot and roadmap based on stakeholder input gathered throughout the process. Additionally, we generate an executive readout that highlights key processes and associated readiness along with pilot design, a phased roadmap, and next-step recommendations.

What You’ll Get:

Upon completion of this Kickstart you’ll take away the following artifacts:


Pilot Design & Flow

  • Pilot Definition
  • Workflow Design
  • Conversational Diagram
  • Integration Requirements

Executive Readout

  • Summary of Findings
  • Phased Roadmap
  • Implementation Costs & Timeline
  • Next-Step Recommendations

Prioritization & Readiness Assessment

  • Prioritized and Phased Process Automation Requirements
  • Stakeholder Readiness Assessment

Technical Architecture

  • High-Level Integration Architecture
  • Security & Compliance Considerations
  • Platforms & Infrastructure Requirements

Drivers & Opportunities

  • Business Drivers & Target Users
  • Current State Systems & Processes