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Applied Intelligence

Applied Intelligence

Activate your data to inform critical business decisions

Leverage data and analytics to become a data-driven organization

The success—and even survival–of any organization is dependent on its ability to leverage data to inspire insights, inform decisions, and facilitate action. Successful and mature organizations shift their operational and customer experience decisions to become data-driven and more informed.


With decades of experience in data management, discovery, and analysis our team empowers you to extract value from your data to create a single source of truth. Our expertise in building efficient data platforms—either on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid solution-gives organizations the power to truly leverage their data to make fast, accurate decisions. Our solutions span the following areas:

AI & Data Science

Improve your insights using predictive analytics and machine learning


We help organizations leverage machine learning, natural language processing, and other advanced analytics techniques to build next-generation prescriptive analytics solutions that automate the extraction of powerful, actionable insights from massive amounts of structured and unstructured data.


Our team of analytics experts support companies across many industries with AI & predictive analytics, customer experience analytics, prescriptive analytics, and automation initiatives:

Predictive Analytics & Data Science

Prescriptive Analytics & Automation

Data Management

Build a data platform to create a single source of truth for data
Data is a critical corporate asset to help make more-informed business decisions, improve marketing campaigns, optimize business operations, and reduce costs, all with the goal of increasing revenue and profits.

A robust data management strategy is more important than ever. Depending on where you are in your analytics maturity, we ensure that you collect, store, integrate, enrich, and use data securely, efficiently, cost-effectively, and within the bounds of company policy and regulations to become an insights-driven company.

Data Management Solutions

Our extensive expertise in these areas of data management ensures your analytics initiatives will always be based on reliable and actionable data:

Operational Analytics

Empowering your workforce for better business outcomes


At Anexinet, we identify and optimize efficiencies and business workflows through Operational Analytics. Leveraging the power of Machine Learning and AI, our Operational Analytics platforms streamline processes and workflows in near real-time. By bringing together data across your entire company and supply chain, we help identify processes that require a complete overhaul due to bottlenecks, stalled tasks, and other inherent inefficiencies to help your organization:

Customer 360

Ensuring a great customer experience through the use of data
To keep their competitive edge, today’s organizations should be laser-focused on Customer Experience (CX)-no matter the industry. A critical component to improving CX is analyzing data to understand your customer’s pain points and determine what actions are necessary to maximize satisfaction.

Gain a deeper understanding of the people who matter most: partners, influencers, prospects, employees, and, of course, customers. Improve experiences by analyzing omni-channel voice of the customer and operational data to truly appreciate the needs of users. Integrate all data points and interactions into a single, integrated 360-degree user view that enables your organization to better attract, acquire and retain customers.

Customer 360 Solutions

By managing, integrating and enriching all of you data – including CRM, engagement metrics, demographics, system usage, billing, and more – our C360 solutions enable your organization to:

Anexinet’s Data & Analytics Approach

Only through the activation of data can an organization start to realize its value—through improved growth, cost reduction, and competitive positioning. We help our customers activate their data by: