Applied Intelligence

Applied Intelligence

Activate your data to inform critical business decisions.


The success—and even survival–of any organization is dependent on its ability to leverage modern data platforms to inspire insights, inform decisions, and facilitate action. Successful and mature organizations shift their operational and customer experience decisions to become data-driven and more informed.


Organizations either need to invest in infrastructure (to ensure their data center evolves as data grows), upgrade their data architecture (to capitalize on the vast amount of available data), or generate insights and predictive analytics (from the vast amount of data they now support). Only through the activation of data can an organization start to realize its value—through improved growth, cost reduction, and competitive positioning.


With decades of experience in data management, discovery, and analysis our team empowers you to extract value from your data to create a single source of truth. Our expertise in building efficient data platforms—either on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid solution-gives organizations the power to truly leverage their data to make fast, accurate decisions.


Whether your organization needs help developing a data platform, migrating to the cloud, building insightful dashboards, or generating predictive analytics, our team has the skills and background to ensure success.

Conversational AI

As more enterprises build connected experiences for customers and employees, the adoption of Conversational AI has become essential to driving innovation and automation. Cognitive, Conversational AI enables organizations to truly replicate human behavior and improve processes to create advanced customer service and service desk automation bots using natural language.


Cognitive AI is so much more than a scripted conversation. Conversational AI elevates the traditional chatbot by discerning multiple intents in a single statement (intent recognition), tracking dialog variance without ‘resetting the script’ (context switching), continuously learning to self-improve over time, and integrating seamlessly with enterprise systems and data.


Anexinet’s Conversational AI solutions help companies:

  • Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction
  • Drive Business Transformation


Conversational AI helps companies automate business processes and improve efficiencies at a rate never thought possible. Our partnership with Amelia—the industry’s leading conversational AI platform—enables us to offer end-to-end Conversational AI solutions, including strategy, design, implementation and managed services.


Our technical and business experts ensure a well-defined, architected, and implemented solution for clients of all sizes. Once implemented, our managed services team will optimize your Conversational AI and grow your automation footprint.

The use cases are endless; whether used for Customer Service or IT and HR services, the benefits of conversational AI apply across all industry verticals.

Conversational AI Strategy & Roadmap Kickstart

Our strategic kickstart process defines business value, estimates ROI, and evaluates readiness to ensure a successful implementation. We combine deep business process expertise and strategy-led solutions to zequip clients with the tools necessary for success.


Devise your ideal strategy and roadmap for adopting cognitive, Conversational AI across all channels. Automate processes and services to maximize efficiency, boost accuracy, reduce costs, and provide consistently amazing customer experiences. All in just three short weeks. Greater customer loyalty and satisfaction starts here.

Data Management

Every data or analytics project requires a solid foundation on which to build. Data management is essential for any organization to unlock the full value and benefits of their data. Data governance, master data management, data architecture, and data modeling and integration are all critical groundwork elements to enabling advanced analytics and insight generation.


Our extensive expertise in these areas of data management ensures your analytics initiatives will always be based on reliable and actionable data:

  • Data architecture
  • ETL & integration
  • Data modeling & aggregation
  • Data quality
  • Data enrichment
  • Data governance
  • Master data management

Cloud Adoption

Migrating your data environment to the cloud requires a well thought-out plan that incorporates variables unique to every organization. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to data-migration.


Whether you’re moving your data environment to AWS, Azure, Snowflake, or Google Cloud Platform, our vast experience with single cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud migrations ensures a comprehensive, tailor-made migration guaranteed for success.


Our Cloud Strategy kickstart prioritizes business cases and data sources for the cloud to ensure business continuity and enable migration at your own pace.

Develop your ideal
cloud adoption strategy
in just two weeks.

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Data Discovery

Generating analytics and discovering insights from data are critical to building a complete data platform. Based on a solid foundation of modern data-management techniques, data discovery and descriptive analytics let you fully harness your data to inform critical business decisions.


Organizations that collect and analyze data from multiple sources unearth new patterns and trends and capture insights that generate business value. Our data discovery services include:

  • Data visualization & reporting (including self-service)
  • Data alerting
  • Business Intelligence & decision-support applications.


True data discovery initiatives also allow for integrations with business applications to expedite insights and enable a single source of truth.


Whether your organization utilizes a single data-discovery tool (e.g. Looker) or leverages multiple BI tools (e.g. Power BI, Tableau, or Qlik), we have extensive experience building user-friendly and insightful dashboards and reports across many technologies.

Operational Analytics

Today’s businesses must react quickly and make critical adjustments to their processes and workflows. It’s no longer acceptable to wait until month-end, week-end, or even day-end to make business decisions. In most cases, data needs to be analyzed, and decisions made, in minutes or even seconds.


Operational Analytics boosts the efficiency of operations by identifying and optimizing inefficiencies and obscure outliers in business workflows. Leveraging the power of Machine Learning and AI, Operational Analytics platforms streamline processes and workflows in near real-time. Further, the analytics identify processes that require a complete overhaul due to bottlenecks, stalled tasks, and other inherent inefficiencies.


In this manner, Operational Analytics plays a critical role in driving profits and maintaining competitive advantage. Literally every company can benefit by using predictive and prescriptive EOA to drive automation and facilitate better, faster business decisions.


Anexinet provides robust Operational Analytics services to help your organization:

  • Enable faster decision-making across operations.
  • Ensure the delivery of great experiences.
  • Boost overall productivity.
  • Predict potential opportunities (and challenges).

Customer 360

To keep their competitive edge, today’s organizations should be laser-focused on Customer Experience (CX)—no matter the industry. A critical component to improving CX is analyzing data to understand your customer’s pain points and determine what actions are necessary to maximize satisfaction.


Gain a deeper understanding of the folks who matter most: partners, influencers, prospects, employees, and, of course, customers. Improve experiences by analyzing omni-channel voice of the customer and operational data to truly appreciate the needs of users. Integrate all data points and interactions into a single, integrated 360-degree user view that enables your organization to better attract, acquire and retain customers.


A Customer 360 Solution allows your organization to:

  • Improve sales & marketing efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Enhance predictive analytics
  • Build customer loyalty

Voice of the Customer

Omni-channel customer-interaction data is critical to building a 360-degree view of your customers. These Voice of the Customer channels provide insights to improve your tactical approach across:


  • Sales effectiveness
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer churn
  • Contact center efficiency
  • Compliance
  • Product quality

Combine unstructured data analysis with structured data to unlock the true value of all available data. Leveraging your call center, surveys, chat, and social media data, along with transactional, website, and financial data lets your organization generate actionable insights never before possible.

Anexinet makes it easy to get started with Customer 360 Analytics by:


  • Kickstarting your Customer 360 data initiatives in two weeks.
  • Analyzing your unstructured Voice of the Customer data and generating insights.
  • Building analytics solutions around actions that will improve your customer experience.
  • Revealing unfiltered consumer perceptions and behavior via our Social Listening services.

Customer 360

Acquire the data to deliver a truly superior Customer Experience across all channels in just two weeks.


Our Customer 360 Kickstart takes a deep dive into your organization’s analytics landscape to get you well on your way to developing a deeper appreciation for your customers’ needs and streamlining your response to their needs. Further, the kickstart recommends your optimized future state and shows you just how to get there.


The result is a phased Customer 360 Roadmap and Visualization Prototype fine-tuned for maximum business benefit.


Upgrade your Customer 360 Solutions today to get well on your way to providing customers a truly superior experience across all channels. All in just two short weeks.

Advanced Analytics & Insights

As organizations generate and access exponential amounts of data, the analytics that may be generated from this data is just as complex.


We help organizations leverage machine learning, natural language processing, and other advanced analytics techniques to build next-generation prescriptive analytics solutions that automate the extraction of powerful, actionable insights from massive amounts of structured and unstructured data.


Our team of analytics experts support companies across many industries with artificial intelligence & predictive analytics, customer experience analytics, prescriptive analytics, and automation initiatives:


Predictive Analytics & Data Science

  • Machine Learning
  • Clustering
  • Computer Vision
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Customer Experience Analytics

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Text Mining
  • Sentiment Analysis

Prescriptive Analytics

  • Recommendations Engine
  • Next Best Action


  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Chatbots

Machine Learning Strategy Kickstart

Arm your organization with a cohesive ML strategy in just two weeks.


Machine Learning maximizes your organization’s potential through faster and smarter decision making. The number one thing that keeps enterprises from moving forward? The lack of an overarching strategy and the inability to identify and prioritize appropriate business cases.


Because unlike other technologies, machine learning isn’t something you just buy. Identifying the problems ML can solve, which types of algorithms apply and which technologies to use require a cohesive strategy for introducing machine learning into the enterprise.


In just two weeks, our Machine Learning Strategy Kickstart removes these roadblocks and takes you from ideation to action-plan, fleshing-out and prioritizing opportunities for ML based on revenue generation, profitability and productivity. Additionally, we assess your IT Team’s readiness to integrate ML into your technology and business strategies.


How to Get Started with
Machine Learning

Social Listening Managed Service

Your customers are talking. Are you listening?

Social Media Listening is one of the most effective ways to gain a deeper understanding of your customers so you can deliver a truly great digital experience. Anexinet helps global brands utilize Social Media data to drive their corporate strategy. Our Social Listening Managed Service tracks the nuances of emotion and sentiment to provide true insight into how consumers feel about your brand, products, services and competitors.


We provide managed dashboards, insight analysis and ongoing brand tracking across all vertical markets to help you understand your audience, identify growth opportunities and improve campaign targeting in ways never before possible. Our omni-channel analytics also integrates social media with contact center voice calls, chat, text and email to gain a 360-degree view of the customer.