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In these challenging times, satisfying customer demand by finding new ways of working—all while managing costs and risks—requires an innovative strategic approach. Employee and customer behaviors are forced to evolve, and businesses must reinvent themselves to avoid significant declines in market position. Conversely, companies able to leverage innovative solutions and emerging technologies will drive competitive advantage by turning challenges into opportunities. Armed with decades of experience and proven processes, Anexinet’s expert advisors help you rapidly assess and reinvent your technology ecosystem. When we say we solve for X, we mean it. From standalone services to end-to-end solutions, our cross-functional teams of strategists, technologists, designers, and data experts help find and solve for your X to achieve your business outcomes. By aligning strategy with business goals, we help you:

  • Establish a strategic direction
  • Assess and analyze current state
  • Envision the ideal solution
  • Build a roadmap to success

The race is on to empower employees, streamline processes, engage customers with data-driven experiences, and ensure agile yet secure systems and infrastructure. Let Anexinet be your strategic partner to empower what’s next.

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Enterprise Architecture Modernization

Digital transformation is impossible without a well-crafted strategy built upon a solid, yet agile, foundation. Anexinet’s suite of Enterprise Architecture services creates value by aligning your core technical foundation with key business drivers. Across industries, new digital technologies are transforming business strategies. Though today’s advancements enable us to work more efficiently than ever, organizations continue to be impaired by common challenges, including:

  • Legacy technology, architecture and design
  • Poorly integrated applications, data, and processes
  • Static data models and slow, fragile batch processing
  • Reliance on point-to-point integrations, insufficient APIs and archaic scaling

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Relative cost has been low and the impact immediate (in the form of increased employee productivity). Now that’s a mobile success story!
— Enterprise Architecture Client, CIO, US Retailer Chain


Transform Your Business with Event-Driven Architecture

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Assessments & Kickstarts

Our assessments and solution kickstarts are bite-sized engagements with banquet results—to help launch your digital initiatives quickly, easily and without risk.
Far too many transformational ideas get stuck in endless planning, consensus-building activities and momentum-killing analysis. Anexinet’s proven kickstart process has helped dozens of companies accelerate and de-risk critical initiatives. We bring processes and tools (e.g. Day in the Life, digital & physical ideation materials) that drive rapid and confident decisions with defensible clarity.
In just 2-4 weeks, we bring together stakeholders and subject matter experts to solve important challenges and help get initiatives off the ground. Our assessments and kickstart are collaborative, fixed-cost engagements. We begin by establishing clarity of purpose and setting direction, then move into solution ideation and design, and conclude with identification of quick wins and the construction of a phased roadmap.

Anexinet Boosts App Adoption for Travel and Transport

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Browse our digital transformation offerings or take our quiz to see which Kickstart is right for you.

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Address: 4 Sentry Parkway East, Suite 300, Blue Bell PA, 19422
Phone: 610 239 8100