Accelerate the Scaling of Your Remote Workforce.

Anexinet accelerates your remote-workforce scaling process 3-5X, thanks to decades of experience working with countless technologies, tools, policies and standards. Let Anexinet help you choose your ideal technology based on your environment, your applications, and your people.

Anexinet’s Remote Workforce-Scaling Service focuses on the following:

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) / Remote Desktop

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Hardware Licensing

User Experience Consistency

Identity Access Management

Multi-Factor Authentication

Regulatory Compliance

Mobile Security and Policy Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Cloud-Based Security and Filtering

Endpoint Security

Learn how Anexinet helps scale your remote workforce quickly, effectively, and in compliance with regulatory requirements by ensuring you’re equipped with the ideal technology, tools, and training to support what may inevitably become a huge remote workforce.